The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Remake in the Works)


Giving what’s expected of you isn’t really that deserving of praise from a individual of that persons nature.

He has a mobster feel giving light is insulting
Giving extra deserves respect and appeal, giving the bare minimum is expected of you as you owe your livlyhood to them they are doing you the favor if you can’t even pay 5 sprockets you end up on his radar, paying 5 you stay out of his focus and can glide by.

That was my view on it. And I’d thought I’d say it to Speak on how it’s perceieved from another readers mindset. Good writing style for him btw.



Twiddles thumbs, patiently waits for Wildcard.




Agreed. I like Wildcard!



I’d say that convincing him to lower it to 3 sprockets should deserve a relationship increase. You’ve managed to talk a ruthless criminal into lowering his standard when he would probably kill someone else for failing to meet it, proving that you have talent. And the boss to me seems that he’s pragmatic enough to think losing a couple of sprockets to cultivate a talent is ok



I don’t think I like the idea of that. Basically, the way it is now, if you try to impress The Boss by giving him more money than he asked for, then you gain approval. If you manage to haggle it down, then you get to pay less and keep some sprockets for yourself. Adding a relationship boost to that option kind of makes the results of that option unfairly beneficial.

Basically, I don’t want the game to have “perfect choices” where one particular choice will have all the benefits of all the other choices combined. You either get the relationship boost, or you get to save yourself some pocket money. You can’t have both. :yum:

(Also, sorry for the massive delay. Been very busy over the Christmas period. Can’t wait until the prologue is done.) :confounded:



Awe man I gotten really engaged in this game that I’m disappointed it had too end because it’s a demo. Great story, interesting characters and MC backgrounds. I really want too continue the rest of it. Is there any news relating this game? Is there a chance that the game will be finished in full and we’ll get a chance too play a full game? It’s such a great game and don’t want this too be the end of it without us experiencing the fullness of the game



Avery Moore’s currently rewriting the game.

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Hi everyone! Sorry for those of you awaiting an update, but I’m afraid I have absolutely none. I’ve been very busy over the Christmas period and pretty much gotten no writing done at all.

I just decided to copy/paste something that I wrote in the POF thread, just to give people a realistic idea of when the games will be coming out.

  1. I’m 90% certain that Price of Freedom: Brothers in Arms WILL be released before The Lawless Ones. I’m hoping to get it done in a year, but that’s assuming I maintain a constant motivation to write, and no major events in my life pop up that are going to distract me (which is unlikely, since I’m looking for another job… So I suppose a lot of it depends on how successful Innocence Lost is and whether or not I think taking a step back from REAL work to get more writing done is financially going to be worth it.) So yeah, 1 year will be absolute best case scenario (two years is more realistic.)

  2. The Lawless Ones I am turning into my full blown, magnum-opus passion project, and judging by the fact that there’s probably going to be over 60,000 words in the prologue alone… This could take awhile. I’m guessing 3 years at least. (Unless I decide it’s all not worth it, and just submit the original instead.) :yum:

Also, just a little something to ensure you all that I’ve not forgotten about Lawless Ones and I have actually done something… Here is a picture of Cub that I’ve drawn to add to the Wolf Origin story. Feel free to squeal accordingly. :blush:




That artwork’s awesome!! :grin:
Cub is cute! :heart_eyes:

Please can you put the other chapters of the original version of the game up?

It would tide me over until the updated version comes out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want them to be visible to everybody because… You know… Spoilers. But I’ll PM it to you! :grin:

Also, while I really do appreciate and am very greatful for all the bugs you keep finding, (You and @TinyOnion are probably the greatest betatesters of all time!) No need to do that with the original, because most of it’s going to be completely re-written anyway. :yum:



What an adorable pup!



I really appreciate all the work you are putting into the game for us. Please keep on writing this awesome story. :slight_smile:

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Important Update guys! (And this applies to Price of Freedom too)

Basically… This: Click me

Have fun watching me stumble around like a headless chicken as I desperately try to figure out how the hell patreon works. :yum:



Hey, could you send for me too? I would love to read, I really liked the first chapters.



Actually, due to recent circumstances, I think I might as well just put the whole game up for everyone to see. I mean, at the end of the day, the re-make that I’m working on is probably going to be over 500,000 words when it’s finished (possibly up to a million if I go overboard) so, if people read the original and liked it, I imagine they’ll be back for the update… And even if they’re not, the update is going to be free to play anyway, so I won’t lose any money. Either way… Gather round everybody! No need to be a beta-tester. The entire game of The Lawless Ones is here!



I’m very interested in beta

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One problem, I’m not sure how I can support your patreon since I don’t have a credit card.

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Found an error (pretty big spoiler!)

Error appears if you choose “not coping” option after someone is killed by the leech

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thanks for the opportunity,this is like a very good history

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That’s fine, nobody needs to support me. You support me just by reading the games. :blush:

In fact, I wish really wish I’d spent more time putting patreon together. I think I was just toying around with it and didn’t realize that you can’t really update it later so much as make a new one from scratch. Will get to work making a proper one where Hotshot’s head is actually in the banner ASAP. :yum: