The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Remake in the Works)


Could someone give me a description of all endings?

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I agree, because it is in a way not very honourable, it really is law, as in the Monarch’s conception of it over any honour or loyalty since taking it requires the mc to cravenly betray their former people, their charges and that is something my mc couldn’t bring himself to ever do in order to become the lapdog of the Monarch. After all he didn’t escape from slavery all those years back to willingly indenture himself to another “master”. I personally think the chaotic-good one is the most fulfilling ending, even if it does end in tragedy for the mc personally. Then again I assume HotShot and the kid can run the guild, maybe remake it into something else entirely and from what that ending possibly seemed to imply maybe even make it into the legitimate government in time. Still the mc there is but a spark to (re)light the fire.. For my former slave mc I do again think that possible catalyst of fundamental change is still the most fulfilling ending, despite the personal tragedy it entails.
Happiest on a personal level is the one that requires you to forsake wealth and ambition, but ultimately that kind of retirement is not in my main mc’s character, he’d be far too restless and frankly ambitious for that kind of “retirement” to feasibly work.



Well sure but, obviously… Major, major spoilers! (So nobody read them unless you don’t mind having all possible endings simultaneously ruined at once.) :yum:

Lawful Good: You become a hero of the people and are knighted for all your great and selfless deeds… But in order to be granted this honor, you first have to betray the guild you’ve been a part of for years. A friend of yours is executed as a result, and you have to live with the guilt of being responsible for their death for the rest of your life.

Chaotic Good: You choose not to betray the guild, and in the end, you’re the one who is executed for your crimes. But, since you are so loved by the people, your death sparks a rebellion that has the potential to change the city forever.

Lawful Neutral: You eventually disband the guild and retire to live on a farm with your adopted child (and possibly your lover). The adopted child marries and has a large family who love and care for you in your old age. You die at the ripe, old age of 98.

Chaotic Neutral: You end up being imprisoned for fifteen years, and just before your parole is about to come up, your adopted child unexpectedly becomes your temporary cellmate. The two of you reminisce, and you start to realize how much things have changed over the past fifteen years, and that once you’re released, life will never go back to the way it was before. Still, despite all your worries, you’re still optimistic about the future.

Lawful Evil: You decide to take your well earned gold and retire to a life of luxury in the upper city. One night, you take a look at everything you have and wonder if all the trials and suffering you endured were worth it. But then you’re reminded that everything you struggled for was just to stay alive, and despite it’s many hardships, life is still worth living.

Chaotic Evil: You refuse to give up leadership of the guild, and as a result, you are betrayed by your own adopted child. Since you have raised the child to be ruthless and ambitious, they eventually turned the guild against you. They try to convince you to surrender peacefully, but you refuse, and in the end, they reluctantly shoot you themself.



Also… Just realized that nobody seems to have come across either of the Evil endings, so I’m worried that I might’ve coded it wrong. Has anyone found either of them yet? (Should be able to get them if you have 80% Villain alignment or higher.)

Edit: Recently changed it to 75%, just to make it a little bit easier.



I have a question if you don’t mind. Can the MC have a biological child instead of adopting one?

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Short answer… No. :yum:



That Lawful/Evil ending seems the best to me. A life of wealth with Honey is to good to pass up.



Yeah, funnily enough I suppose it’s technically the closest thing the game has to a “happy ending” … Guess the saying must be true. Nice guys finish last. :yum:



I think all Lawful endings can be considered, more or less, happy endings. In all of those the MC can have a happy life.



And… DONE! Submitted! Sent to the magical CoG cloud in the sky! I am a very, very happy person. :grin:



@Avery_Moore :tada: Congratulations on submitting your project :tada: , I am certain it will be a great success!



I love this game it was one of the best I played can’t wait to buy it when it comes out so my MC and honey can get reunited, thank you so much for letting me Beta test, ps the ending I got made me feel bad for hotshot but at least honey and my mc got to live together so it’s a happy ending in a way



Congratulations! Looking forward to playing it in full. :smile:



No, ironically the “Lawful Good” one really isn’t as it requires the mc to become a low down, craven traitor. :unamused: The other two Lawful ones, as far as the Lawful Evil one goes if you play that kind of character I suppose it does count as “happy” enough, certainly wealthy and comfortable enough. Lawful-Neutral is probably the most objectively happy one, though sadly it skips us right to the literal end of the mc’s life and the reader/player only gets told of the happiness without ever reading/experiencing one iota of it.



It depends on your point of view, to some leaving a life as a hero and a knight alongside their RO is a happy ending and leaving one people to die is a worth price.

Just look at @Eric_knight.



Still it is dreadfully ironic that accepting that Knighthood requires the mc to forsake all personal honour and integrity in order to become the Monarch’s lapdog for mostly token reforms. Which is why I consider it to be the worst of all the possible endings. Again, particularly for my mc as a former slave, a betrayal like that when all it leads to is a life of servitude, albeit in a golden cage is beyond the pale. I almost wish we could have sent the Monarch back the head of little messenger as our answer.



@idonotlikeusernames @Urban @Avery_Moore

Hmmm… i understand the conflict(s) here, well if we look at the bigger picture the Lawful Good outsome is the only conclusion that can bring changes/revolution to the lives of the Lower/Poor society in this Monarchy, when i listen to the Monarch officer’s proposal, it was handing over the notorious / evil criminals who commit the most hideous of crimes… while at the same time, bargain over the rest of my followers… But most importantly, with such elevation, i can truly make a difference to the overall lower society of this monarchy … reformation where the children be given education until age 13, ensuring no more child labour and forcing factory to apply safety measure… plus ensuring extra food to be given to the needy , these are all reformation that can benefit the overall lives of the Monarchy , starting with my district it can further spread to other territories , and with my main character having influential place within the authority , i can further reform the corruption of the government, my main character is only 30s towards the end, hence lots of time for me to do the greater good…if my RO is Honey , our combine persuasion skill will daze the inner council with our words, and if my RO is Viper, viper will be the spy-master and police-master who can really eradicate notorious crime lords and their activities… these are all the bigger picture to enforce a greater good for the people… If we go down fighting, what good can the people receive ? with my main character and the guild gone, other evil guilds will take over and the corruption will be even more extreme, now that the Monarch will rely on iron fist to hold on to his power… people can glorify my good name, but what can it do to change to lives of the needy ?

but yes, i agree that every decision comes with a price, betrayal towards the guild is loathe by many… but given this is the only choice we receive , we can’t do much about it… we could had start a rebellion , but unlike choice of rebels, we don’t receive such choice here :smile: and i notice that all conclusions eventually lead to the demise of the guild anyway , so why don’t we make a choice that can bring goodness to the people in the end ?

In theory , the Lawful-Good conclusion is the only one that can bring peace and prosperity to the lower society and at the same time change the monarchy from the within … and hopefully there won’t be any future villains to prey on the weak anymore :wink:


Long, rambly, spoilers

That is a promise that never rings true.

Now as to the main trust of your argument: What can the chaotic-good mc give to the people that the lawful-good one cannot? Two very simple things, freedom and choice. My mc and the guild have fulfilled their objective here by actively showing to the people that another way of life is indeed possible, which is why the Monarch presumably cracks down hardest on the “good” guild as it is easy to see what it is, slowly but surely, evolving into, a government and one superior in quality and more legitimate in the eyes of the people then their own, which is a rather direct threat to them. Ironic really, but then Tilly did always say “government is at its heart a racket” and the one of my mc’s guild was vast becoming a superior alternative to the real government of the Monarch and their nobles.
Which is why the Monarch and the nobles even make their desperate offer, they ask you to give up all that you stand for in order to join the lowest rung on their ladder. In return they’ll furnish you a golden cage and let you “implement” some token reforms, that are, as a whole still greatly inferior to the institutional model your mc just spent years setting-up only to now dismantle it for them.
You are right that this is not XoR, and the mc is not going to be the leader of the rebellion, but in the end they are both the catalyst and the architect of it.

You see, in their rush to catch the mc the Monarch is forgetting that all he’s doing is creating a martyr and if the mc has done their job right the bones of the guild still exist underground, both literally and figuratively and thanks to their policies enough people now exist among former guild members and the masses of the lower city who now possess the knowledge and ability to govern themselves.
Without the mc and the formal guild the transition of power will be costlier and messier then it probably needed to be in the end. But, assuming the rebellion triumphs, then in the end like all great teachers by that point the mc’s “students” will already have surpassed him.
Thus my former slave mc will have given “his” people the greatest gift he possibly could and one infinitely greater then scraps tossed from a cage in the upper-city as a “reward” for the ultimate betrayal, he will have given them what he always lacked and something valuable above all: the freedom to choose their own destiny and my mc will still have “won” in the end.

Therefore my greatest complaint at this point in the epilogue is that our mc never chooses to speak any last words, cause if he could mine would have simply said “and so it begins”.
On a more personal level HotShot and the kid are resourceful and they will be okay without him in the end, of that my mc is sure. Besides he couldn’t have lived with himself if he betrayed everything he stood for, so I suppose that barring an earlier outbreak of revolution this is the only way it could have ended.

Not to take away from your enjoyment of the Lawful Good ending, but for my mc it would have been rather lacking and a betrayal of everything he stands for.



Hmmm… well …of course your point of view is valid as well :slight_smile:

but for me, i kind of find that it was my main character’s call and quest to start making the world better myself…hence, to be involve directly in the change suit me better :smile:m

and like i say, it was my personal sacrifice to make it a better world… and minus the violence:)



I played this game like 30 times and still can’t get enough

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