The Last Wizard - Beta Test CLOSED!


ive send an email your way expressing my sincere desire to help


Hello , i would be interested in giving you a hand with the beta and i will be sending you an email shortly.
Are you looking for low , mid or high level feedback?


Same as CoG is great, Low and High and don’t talk about commas. :slight_smile:

I send a letter to my testers to help them. Mistakes, spelling, typos, continuity and such are excellent. I also love to hear about missing choices, poor plot development, lacking features, and anything else that can improve the game.

If there’s something really wrong with grammar, you can mention it, but general rewording of prose isn’t helpful, since it would need to rewrite 180,000 words to match. :slight_smile: General editing of that type will be fixed by the copy editor anyway. But, if there’s a spot that’s really bad, I don’t mind it being pointed out to me.

Thanks for the help!


Sent an email, assuming Beta Testing is still open…


I would love to beta test


How do you beta test


Check the first post. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas! I’ll be away from testing for the next 3 days, but keep sending the feedback and I’ll respond after the holidays.


How can I beta test I don’t know how to


Just read the first post.


Message him where twitter facebook I can’t seem to find it


You’re supposed to email him if you want to beta test.


In his email, it is in the first post.


Thank you I messaged him


Merry Christmas Everyone


I have caught up with all of my errors once more. I had a very productive day. :slight_smile: At this point, I have responded to every email sent to me.

I’ll be away for a week. We’re going to Mexico for a holiday! Fifty degrees warmer over there. :slight_smile: From “Cold Weather Warnings” to paradise. Can’t wait!

Beta Testers, please fill up my inbox with errors and feedback while I’m away. :slight_smile: When I come back, I’ll work through them all again. After that, I’ll open the Beta for new testers. That should be around January 6th or 7th.

Thanks again, everyone!


Have a safe trip (20 char)


I’m back!

From beautiful tropical weather to Cold Warnings. What the heck is a “weather bomb” anyway? :slight_smile:

I had a very full day of writing and managed to get through all of the messages in my Inbox. Thanks again to all of my wonderful beta testers.

Please refresh and be sure to send me any feedback that you’ve gathered. I’ve just uploaded version 1.16

I can take a few more people also. Be sure to read the first post for details and please respond in a few days.

Back to my real job tomorrow. :slight_smile:


just saying
need anymore beta testers?


Yes, I do!

I’ve made so many changes that I’d love for new eyes to look over it. Check that first post for my email address so you can join. I really appreciate all the help I can get!


i would love to beta test