The Imaginary Friends

I’ve begun work on my new game The Imaginary Friends. In it, you play as a single parent raising your daughter, Melody. Your life is changed forever when it turned out that not only her imaginary friends are actually real, but she is in danger because of her imagination.

Currently, it’s about 5.7k so far. I plan on finishing the rest of chapter 1 this week if everything turns out fine. My writing still needs improving, but I thought I could still put my ideas out there.

To play the demo, go here:

My other game

So The Doppelganger is on a hiatus until I get inspiration (is that the right word?) for it. Hopefully, I get it back soon, but I won’t rush it otherwise I will be dissatisfied with my work,


Interesting so far.

I like the concept! What can we expect? Fanatasy? Horror? Something completly different?

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Melody is such a treasure!

I wonder if Daddy can teach her the good ways of a proper Dungeon Master.

Some Dadies spoil their daughters with sportware. This one want to spoil her with nerdware! (Although sports are also okay?)

Did Melody will get stats as well?


I am aiming for fantasy but I am debating if I should add other stuff since kids can imagine everything.


I plan on adding stats for her but not quite sure what yet.

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It’s a good setup! As you suggested it probably needs some editing for spelling and tenses here and there.

I really like the idea of this story, what should I expect from it? fantasy? horror?. It’s quite interesting

For a few minutes I thought this is a revamp of this wip from @Snoe: My Imaginary friend WIP and playtest

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When you can go into Melody’s room, the last option has a typo; “Call out through th door”

It’s interesting so far! This demo really remind me of a horror movie, Before I Wake. What genre will this be in? Fantasy? Action? Horror?


should be Melody’s legal guardian
The PS note should be emphasis as well.
The sentence “How are you?” should be ‘how are you?’.
I’m not quite sure if the Sweetheart should be ‘sweetheart’ or not. The sentence, “It’s only be one day and your father is already saying that this is the best trip ever.” It is a bit confusing (or at least to me.) ‘It’s only be a one day trip but your father is already saying that this is the best trip ever.’ also the last sentence of the unlined in red, I was really confused of what they meant by that.


Melody, my sweet little baby girl. I will protect you for the rest of my life

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Thank you for letting me know this. Help like this is always welcome to help me improve my writing.

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