The Hidden Courts (Last update 18.1.2021)

Relationship stats are here. Now let’s see if I can’t make some use of them by end of the day, no promises though


There are some parts where I feel there is too much text on one page. I feel it’d be better to add choices or simply divide the lengthy text in more pages.
And there are two megaparagraphs that would be better off sliced.

And found this

I noticed something about descriptions, is there a reason for not using physical descriptions as much? We get introduced to Ray through his personality (which is rather nice) but I wouldn’t be able to even remotely describe him or the other friends.
As for the other friends, I don’t know anything about them nor do I feel like we have any friendship whatsoever. I know their names and they’ve said some things, but they are no different from the clerk. Only thing is I know their names.
You do introduce the king by his physical description, but he’s the only one from what I read.

Anyway, I chose other options to get around the first error, but then I got blocked by this one

I don’t have much to say about this wip yet, since I feel I need to read more to formulate an opinion. But from what I could read, you definitely have created your own world. Keep sharing it with us. Because I definitely want to get to know more about this world you have created :slight_smile:

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stupid variable names and gotos, I’ll fix the errors you pointed out, thank you. As for the other friends, I’m not yet quite sure about their full role in the story, you might never see them again, so whether you find out anymore about them will depend on that. Ray is lacking a physical description same as the MC in order to leave them mostly up to each individual readers imagination, if and/or when Ray becomes an RO he will be more thoroughly described throughout the story.

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Too… tired…
Must… write…


I’m certainly looking forward to this, but I guess the save slot feature is a must because we have to reload the game to restart since the screen gets stuck when there is a bug. But deffo a story I’ll watch out :slight_smile:

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Only just found the save slot system on dashingdon.
Thanks for making me think about it so I’d stumble on it!


Is anybody actually trying the Traders path?
Cus if you are, you’re giving me one hell of a headache

Yes I’m blaming you for my own decisions


Small update today, seems it’ll take nothing short of a miracle for me to actually get something done.
Anyway you know who your instructor is going to be now, though not all of them seem promising.


You’re doing fantastic! The game is coming along beautifully, don’t give up!


I love what’s been done so far!! I do have a question though. What kind of fae are we, we’ve seen a dryad and met a changling, but I didnt see anywhere saying what kind of fae we are. Will it be something we get too choose or are we elves :elf:‍♂? Personally I’m hoping we’re selkies or something. :blush::blush::blush:

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Elf isn’t a bad term for what you are, but it’s not quite right. While more about you will be revealed later on, I suppose it’s only fair I tell you a little since you went through the trouble of asking

The technical term would be conquerors blood, though some would call that just a fairy tale, which is a rather rude accusation by Fae standards. Scholars would call you Greater Fae, or just Fae to not complicate things, while Elfs are creatures of pure nature and a race completely their own, the Fae are hybrid creatures originally born from the union of an angel and demon (The perceptive reader may have noticed a reference to the Fae’s angel blood already) though such a union has only been formed once, resulting in the kings birth who later created you all, thus the term conquerors blood

The kings earlier centuries of life before the creation of the courts explain your alignment to nature and eternal youth.

So to put it shortly the Greater Fae are my own unique blend of different mythologies tailor made for my narrative. So technically you’re a brand new type of Fae, thus the possibilities are endless. Some and probably most of this will be included in the story once it’s completed, as well as much more, but who knows, this might actually be an exclusive on some of this information.

Hope that tells you enough.

But sadly no seal skins


Thank you! I was so confused as too what we were. :blush::pray:t2:

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Hello. There’s a save plugin error. Also, a bit of a mistype where the father gifts us the dagger. It should be something in lines of: don’t let the demons know that you can kill them. Something in these lines I don’t really remember the exact words, It’s in the first chapter. There is also a bug that prevents me from proceeding further when I choose to ask about the third person. Here it is:

You know you think I’d remember that I have to make a goto statement after every choice by now. Anyway thanks, it should be all better now, all though I don’t know what I can do about the save plugin.


Today wasn’t exactly productive, but I did some writing, so today’s a win I guess?
I’m currently writing the first proper interactions with Ariana, in case some one is interested


Is Ariana an RO?

Why yes she is

Purely out of interest, what was everyone’s choice of drink for dinner?

  • Milk
  • Apple juice
  • Orange juice
  • Grape juice
  • Just water
  • Cider

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If there was a drink you feel should have been available feel free to tell me, we are aiming for at least a degree of immersion here after all.

For everyone who chose a non-alcoholic beverage, note that Fae have a metabolism more than three times as effective as humans, so drinking alcohol with food is perfectly acceptable.

Hey, just had a read through!

Since the game starts with some exposition about the fae, I was thinking – is there a way to present this in the form of a fun in medias res action sequence, or a cool character moment? Might be a good way of starting off your game rather than with information. The story’s about fighting ancient supernatural creatures, so how about an exploration sequence where you uncover a hidden secret?