The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!

Hi! I have a question is there a sequel?

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Have fanart of Firebrand:


More fanart. This time my take on the MC/The Swashbuckler.

I know she looks very similar to Miraculous Ladybug, that’s not on purpose. I didn’t know about MLB at the time.


(Joking) She looks like someone avatar too :grin: :grin:


Nice story! Btw did anyone get the merged brother ending

I liked how it leaves it open to a sequel, but stands alone perfectly fine

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If you’re still interested, here it is the guide:

Guide to a certain ending

You have to mess up the final battle.

Easiest way is to NOT talk to quentin, get to the cathedral as early as possible and then switch places at the hospital as soon as you can. That way the big bad will be at full power. When they try to attack twin throw yourself in the line of fire with low resolve. If you manage to get the to retreat instaed follow them with low agility, or pull them back with low strength

My friend and I decided to celebrate the five-year release of this game with them writing a fanfic and me, trying to finish a digital portrait* of my MC and their twin.

*Will post it when i’m finished, hopefully by this week,

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Just out of curiosity, is it possible for you to rescue your twin yourself, instead of having to wait until the ransom is paid and your twin is released? If so, how? I have been trying over and over again with all kinds of different choices, but always ended up with the paid-ransom reunion, which is really frustrating on my end.

The story is a little short. In the first playthrough, I chose vampire. The final boss was Clarissa. I thought that if I will romance her, then a lot of unique content would appear, but no… The final boss will simply be switched to Rebecca… And her justification of her deeds is simply ridiculous. Clarissa at least wanted power. But Rebecca… she’s tired of being a lady in distress… It’s just ridiculous.

I’m actually shocked this thread is still alive for a game thats 6 years old with no sequel, it was fun but the ending was meh tho