Hero Unmasked Fanfiction

I needed a small break from my current round of writing, and wanted to do something with the Hero Unmasked. So this is a little vignette about my favorite pairing in the game, my MC and Bloodmist.


Bloodmist smiled, ruby lips quirking upward, as she cupped the face of the tired, but defiant villain before her. “Really, darling,” she said in a voice smooth as silk, “Did you really think you could come into my city and make a mess of things?”

“Oh please,” snarled the man clad in red and black armor, “Your city? If it wasn’t for the Swashbuckler, you would be nothing but a pile of ash right now. After all, your zombies…”

“Revenants,” hissed Bloodmist.

“Your zombies were no match for the automatons of Dr. Oblivion,” gloated the man, “Face it, you’re getting weak in your old age.”

Bloodmist’s eyes turned crimson, and her fangs extended slightly, while her nails lengthened, leaving small scratches of blood on Dr. Oblivion’s face. “You’re starting to bore me,” she snarled, “And trust me, you wouldn’t like it when I’m bored.”

Several thoughts flitted through her mind on how to finish this insignificant bug before her, when the cadence of footsteps broke her train of thought. Glancing over her shoulder slightly, she saw Swashbuckler coming towards the two of them. “Did you have fun with this fool’s toys?” Bloodmist offered cheerfully, “It is a shame really. When I see you get hot and bothered, well, it is enough to make even my blood pulse.”

Dr. Oblivion suddenly moved, his hands trying to reach something in his boot but he stopped in shock when Bloodmist’s claws came flashing toward the small of his throat. Just as he was expecting death, there was a crackle of energy and a blade of light stopped Bloodmist’s strike, a mere inch from his jugular.

“I won’t let you murder him,” Swashbuckler said, her normally playful tone gone with the seriousness of the situation.

“But darling,” Bloodmist tried to explain, then somersaulted backwards as Swashbuckler’s sword moved upward.

“You’re going to be locked up for a long time,” Swashbuckler said as the two adversaries circled each other.

Confused, Bloodmist said “Darling, what is with this reluctance now?” Then realization came to her, and she said, “Oh, you’re the other one, aren’t you?”

Dr. Oblivion glanced at both of them, and asked “Other one? What do you mean other one?”

However, the two combatants paid him no mind as Bloodmist lashed out with a head-high kick, only to be stopped as Swashbuckler grabbed the appendage with her left hand, and held the edge of her light sword against the vampiress’ neck.

“Make it easy on yourself, and surr….,” Swashbuckler tried to say, then stopped as she jumped to the side, barely escaping a punch aimed for her abdomen. Glancing up, Swashbuckler saw a woman who was her double in appearance.

“Two…two of them?” gibbered Dr. Oblivion.

“Celia, what the hell?” yelled a shocked Swashbuckler, “What is the meaning of this?”

Celia shook her head, “What does it look like? Taking care of this pathetic excuse for a villain.” Celia’s hand squeezed Bloodmist’s and asked, “Are you alright?”

Bloodmist kissed Celia’s cheek, “Just fine love, but better now that you’re here.”

Swashbuckler glanced between her sister, and the vampires, and her stomach churned in disbelief. “There were rumors, stories, but I thought it was all lies, but they’re true, aren’t they? Firebrand, Silhouette…people you let this…this bloodsucker drain dry.”

Celia’s hands clenched, “Insult her again, and I’ll…”

“What?” Swashbuckler said, “Kill me?”

Celia growled, “I don’t kill the innocent.”

Bloodmisted ran some fingers through Celia’s hair, “Everyone has their faults, darling, but I love you just the same.”

Swashbuckler’s eyes narrowed, “What would Clarissa say about this? Why…”

The Swashbuckler was silenced when a hand smacked her face, causing her stumble slightly. When did Celia get that strong? she thought.

“You have no right,” Celia hissed, “she would still be alive if it wasn’t for your girlfriend Rebecca Bello. You know, the reporter you dated for close to two years without knowing she was the Matriarch?”

The Swashbuckler frowned, but remained silent as she was just now beginning to realize how the death of the mayor affected her sister. “Celia, this isn’t you. No one gave you the right to be judge, jury, and executioner…” the Swashbuckler said.

She stopped when Celia gave out a snort, “Please. You play at judge and jury all the time, otherwise you would leave matters to the cops.” Celia leaned in a little closer, “Unlike you, sister, I was willing to take the last, necessary step.”

The Swashbuckler grimaced, “I can’t let you do that,” and darted toward Dr. Oblivion only to stop as Celia’s own light blade came crashing down.

“Just try and stop me,” Celia hissed, and the two engaged each other in a flurry of light and movement. The Swashbuckler had a slight edge since her sister was tired out from her previous fight, but not enough to allow the Swashbuckler a definite victory.

Matter continued this way for several more minutes before Bloodmist let out a loud “God, I don’t know if there is enough wine to get that foul taste out of my mouth.” Lying on the ground, head bent at an unnatural angle was the body of Dr. Oblivion.

This caused a slight pause with the Swashbuckler, one long enough that Celia slipped by her sister’s defenses and stunned the heroine with her sword. “You…you can’t do this…” hissed the Swashbuckler between partially paralyzed lips.

“One of these days, sis, you will grow up, and when you do…well, maybe we can be on the same side again,” Celia said. Then she offered her arm to Bloodmist, “Shall we go love?”

Bloodmist hugged Celia from behind, the touch of her chest sending an almost forbidden thrill through the woman’s body, “Let’s. Although, I’m sorry about your sister, darling.”


I love this. I always imagined how Swashbuckler will react when he finds out I am dating Bloodmist. Although I made her a little less evil


Good story, but major minuspoints for killing Firebrand D=


@lys is it okay if I post my firebrand fanfiction on here?

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Go right ahead! Even if you didn’t a moderater would probably merge threads later to keep from cluttering up the forum :slight_smile:

Wow that was fast thanks again for the reply :grin:

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Did someone say Firebrand?


lol yeah just started writing it, needed a break from my WIP. I love firebrand and need more practice so this is great.

:smiley: reminds me… i should work on my own heun fanfic again D=

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Do it the world needs more!

Absolutely. The game is so underrated.

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It was one of my personal favorite games from last year. I hope to get some fanart actually done in the next couple of months.


Saaaaaame. I need to get a new comp and clip studio though. I’ve been working on adapting my fav playthrough into a comic for what feels like ages…
(I got fanart up in the game’s thread)

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In my case, it will be stuff I commission. Right now, I’m actually waiting on some Guenevere fanart.

My own personal drawing skills…let’s just say I can do a fine stick figure, and leave it at that.

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My only complaint is I just wish there were more personal conversations between the mc and the characters. I actually really hated Clarence for putting his career above y sister’s life (my sister who in fact is swash) and I never get to talk to him about it any other time than at the casino.


Lemme just…



I’m jelly I can’t draw men to save my life.