The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!



For the record I got Swash and R to stay together in my game. I had a higher relationship stat with Firebrand. I just basically outed Swash and avoided R like the plague for the entirety of the game. I believe the scene that plays if they stay together is something along the lines of “Yeah we’re going out to dinner. Yeah sorry, your fiance was insane and tried to kill us at your wedding.”


Screenshot or it didnt happen.


LOL I’ll try and play through the game again and get proof. Might take me a little while though, and yeah I was bummed too when they just break up if R has the highest affinity with you. Which is way too easy BTW, I just treated them like a human being and apparently the twin has lowered their standards so far their “relationship” can be botched by meeting the mc and having minimal contact. Oh you gave up your siblings deepest darkest secret? How romantic, let me trust you with my love.


I tried playing again and they still broke up :confused:

But on the bright side: Gods damn it, this game just doesn’t stop surprising me :smiley:


For @MeltingPenguins ​; of her amazing Hero Unmasked OC!

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