The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!



For the record I got Swash and R to stay together in my game. I had a higher relationship stat with Firebrand. I just basically outed Swash and avoided R like the plague for the entirety of the game. I believe the scene that plays if they stay together is something along the lines of “Yeah we’re going out to dinner. Yeah sorry, your fiance was insane and tried to kill us at your wedding.”


Screenshot or it didnt happen.


LOL I’ll try and play through the game again and get proof. Might take me a little while though, and yeah I was bummed too when they just break up if R has the highest affinity with you. Which is way too easy BTW, I just treated them like a human being and apparently the twin has lowered their standards so far their “relationship” can be botched by meeting the mc and having minimal contact. Oh you gave up your siblings deepest darkest secret? How romantic, let me trust you with my love.


I tried playing again and they still broke up :confused:

But on the bright side: Gods damn it, this game just doesn’t stop surprising me :smiley:


For @MeltingPenguins ​; of her amazing Hero Unmasked OC!

The Hero Unmasked is c. Choice of Games and Christopher Huang.

Mag/Ellie as a THU oc belongs to MP.

Drawing/painting is by me.


How do you end up with bloodmist? I’ve tried sooo many times please help me😩


You need to be pretty cynical to go with her.


Thank you :pray:!! Time for another playthrough!!


Good Luck. Romancing her’s tricky.


@MeltingPenguins I did it… i have the option to choose Bloodmist as love interest in the epilogue :blush:

you don’t need high cynic … my stat is Idealistic 68 Cynical 32 :grin: relationship with her 57

here is how i do it

when Bloodmist request my help to take on Firebrand, agree immediately … save Clarissa and request attendee’s help to fight mercenary , then when Booldmist want to kill Forebrand, persuade her ( don’t tackle her) not to kill him… you will have a scene about her soft spot… then before the wedding and face the Matriach’s menace , seek Bloodmist’s help …she will agree… switch back with my twin, then call Bloodmist to take down the force field… i choose to tackle Matriach , so i was unable to save my twin… in the epilogue, choose i want my old life back but Swashbucler will rise … then i have the option of what to do with my life, i 1) delay the wedding, 2) marry clarissa now ( i think ) and the option of " My mind think of Bloodmist "

I stop because i need to decide between Clarissa and Bloodmist, but i know i get the choice :blush:

thank @MeltingPenguins for your strong recommendation . i really enjoy Hero unmasked very much…the story is so well written and every decision will have a different story line… i also love and care for the characters very much due to warm hearted interaction with them… that’s the reason i still can’t decide between Clarissa and Bloodmist

btw…anyway to save my twin so that both of us survive ? :thinking:



granted, i usually get firebrand to help, but it’s similar with Bloodmist: before the wedding, speak to her and someone else (quentin or CR), then head to the cathedral and see if you can find the sigils. At the wedding, its easier if you did not make the switch, but its not necessary. Ask bm to help with the field, and face the m/p the best you can going by your strenghtes. There’s several things that can happen. If the M/P tries to escape, make sure you have enought prowness to pull them back, acrobatics to follow or invrstigstion to see where they are headed. If they attack, shield your twin with high resolve or push them away with acrobatics.


Interesting … i only got 3 options after my twin broke into force field, and Matriach wasn’t retreating, first is jump in between her and my twin ( i guess i will die, but i haven’t tried it) …second is tackle her and hope she miss my twin ( worse ending , twin went missing…president gone… and end up no one loving me ) , third is attack Matriach and let her kill my twin ( so far, this is the best ending … capture matriach , and can choose to love between Clarissa and Bloodmist )

i think i must choose investigate the Cathedral next :slight_smile:

i am also wondering if my twin survive, how Bloodmist will love the MC? because she only assume i am Swashbuckler , she never knew we switch place

by the way, to date Bloodmist to casino … Cynic is 34 idealistic is 66, relationship 56… i love this scene more as compare of asking Clarissa because there is more intimacy scene with Bloodmist as compare to Clarissa . and the relationship with Bloodmist will jump quite a lot, while dating with Clarissa only increase 1 or 2 , i think … in the end, it won’t affect the relationship with Clarissa if we want to choose Clarissa :slight_smile:


As said I usually go for Firebrand, and he’s so wonderfully dorky during the fight. But yeah, you should go investigate the cathedral


Am I bad for
Kissing firebrand
Cuddling with Rebecca
Doing…things with bloodmist
All while being engaged to Clarissa


Yesssssss!!! I did it! Yipeee!


That just means she’ll be more inclined to cheat on you now.


Sidenote. Still not over the fact that Firebrand has been a sous-chef. Do you know what high level cooking skill that entitles. Nice.