The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!



While I liked earlier CoGs before this, a lot of them felt rushed, especially toward the end. The Hero Unmasked! doesn’t suffer this problem, I was very satisfied with the pacing, as well as the ending.

As for the romances, I actually liked the romances, especially the GxG ones. As others have said, the villains are fairly cliché, but they are competently handled.

I also would have liked to have spent a ‘date’ night sort of thing with the villainous ROs, but that is just a minor grumble especially considering your character is on the timetable.


I meant to comment on this earlier on, the advertisement blurb says “male or female”, when this game also has a nonbinary option.

I felt like some of the stat choices in this game were unclear–or, at least one was. During the free trial, while trying to disarm the bomb, I first went slowly and deliberately because I had a high “sure” stat and it was the stat that looked the most relevant. Everything blew up. My next run through, with identical stats, I decided to move quickly and it was successfully disarmed. I’m not sure if I misunderstood the stat check, or if the decision was intended to be made just based on what looked like the best option for the situation as a whole rather than leaning on stats, but either way it sort of made decision-making through the rest of the game feel sort of arbitrary, more like guessing than careful decisions.

I understood the way the mayor, engagement, and wedding tied into the plot, and ended up really enjoying her as a romance option, but I feel very discouraged from trying other routes because they require adultery. The one with the reporter honestly bothered me all the extra since not only are you cheating on your partner, but luring your twin’s partner to cheat on them too. I get that part of the characterization is that you and your twin are essentially one person, but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

Another issue was that I felt that the customization of the twist villain felt kind of … flat. I was getting the impression the fiance was the bad guy right up until the twin said that they were either going to go see the journalist, or the mayor, but couldn’t quite remember which … It became a little too obvious that “hey, this twist could go either way”. I was glad that making your love interest evil was avoidable, but it ended up falling kind of flat.

I also had some issues with the ending. I was having a really hard time not ending up melding with my twin–there’s maybe more ways to do it but I only managed by letting the Matriarch go. The issue following that was that after I told the game I wanted to just go back to civilian life, the Matriarch crashed the next wedding and I ended up being part of a tag-team with my twin anyway. Is the only way to end up as a civilian to end up as one person? It’s kind of a personal issue, since I’m sure there are plenty of people who felt perfectly satisfied with whatever ending they got, but I got a little frustrated with it.

Overall I thought the game was flawed, but good. It definitely has plenty of replayability and a lot of potential for variation in events. And especially given that I know some of the issues I took with it are pretty personal and probably wouldn’t bother somebody else, I feel pretty safe recommending it to most people who enjoy CoGs.


No, in one of my replays I managed to deduce where the (Patriarch in my game) escaped, the police captured him and my mc got married and lived as a civilian. He did get captured by some villain but he worked together with the Swash and captured him


Since we don’t have a specific feedback thread, I assume we post feedback here. Though @HomingPidgeon essentially pointed out all the problems I had with the game. Like how I have to cheat to explore any of the romance options, which basically locks me out of them. Or how odd the build up for the Matriarch is.
And while my ending wasn’t as messed up as theirs, since I was able to ascertain where she fled to,
despite my desire to remain a civilian I still ended up helping my twin out. Perhaps a bit worse than that was how pointless my earlier choice of opinion on Swashbuckler was. I was against vigilantes from the start,
and even went out of my way to capture them discreetly for the police instead of handling it myself. But I still essentially supported vigilantism at the end regardless of my previous feelings. It was kind of a morale killer to know that, despite my character’s valiant efforts at squashing corruption and creating a transparent system (My show was even about scrutinizing the city!), both the police and my wife relied on Swashbuckler.

But I enjoyed it overall, and really liked that all the stats seemed to link up logically to the choices. Being an observant, patient gadgeteer felt rewarding. Managed to get all the secret identities AND put everyone in jail.


In my first walkthrough which I rushed,I got the matriarch down.But in my second playthrough which I played careful,the matriarch disappeared and my protagonist merged with her sibling.
What gone wrong?What choice I made lead me to this ending?I don’t want to be a doubled superhero…


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@HomingPidgeon You have to stop the Patriach/Matriach so they won’t crash the wedding. I thin that any ending where they are free, you are forced to be a hero because of the wave of crime.
To stop them you need to force them to open a portal without hostages. In my playthrough, they had the president as hostage, and I made these choices:
-Attack them directly which will hold them back long enough for your twin to arrive.
-If you found alll the sigils in the church the previous day, they will freak out and release everyone.
-Then when they open the portal, you need to use your skills. Prowess to pull them back, agility to follow them and investigation to find where they are. If you fail the first two, you are merged with your twin after the portal swallows you.
In conclusion to be a civilian, you need: the Patriach/Matriach in prison, your twin alive and not merged and to refuse their offer to be a tag team.

Sorry, I don’t know the exact stats, but I achieved “Score One for Normality” by doing this.


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I got her this time.Last time I had only one stat under the bar and I chose it.Stupid


Seriously, The Hero Unmasked is probably the best CoG game that I played this year, so far. It’s a different take on the superhero genre, which is cool! Kudos to the author!

I think most of my likes (uniqueness, the morality of cheating) and dislikes (slightly unclear stat checks, undeveloped characters) about the game have already been mentioned by others, so I dont think I need to say it again.

I only got to play twice because it was late when I got the game and I had to rush both playthroughs, and I’m a bit…amused(?) at the Patriarch on both playthroughs. Or rather, on his identities.

On the first playthrough I was determined to stay faithful to my fiance, so I didn’t flirt with anyone else, but tried to stay friendly towards the reporter. Said reporter ended up being the patriarch. Defeated him, and my twin’s still alive. I got married with the mayor, and became a superhero on my own right.
Second playthrough: I pursued the reporter and had a rocky relationship with the mayor. And lo and behold, the mayor’s now the Patriarch. Wedding was cancelled (duh), but I defeated the Patriarch. My twin broke up with the reporter to make way for me (what a cool sister). I ended up being Swash#2.

I haven’t played much, but is it possible for the Patriarch/Matriarch to be the same person that you’re (mainly) pursuing? And can you appeal to your relationship to them to make them stop? And what triggers who ends up being the Patriarch/Matriarch. Just wondering…

Also, I’m a bit confused over why the MC didnt bother to tell their fiance about their twin, after all these years. Unless I missed it because like I said, I rushed through both playthroughs and havent played again, but is there a reason why they just forgot to mention them?


maybe the one who will be the Patriach/matriach is either your spouse or the reporter based solely on the relationship stat? The lower one will be the Patriach/matriach. Then again i never cheated on the spouse to pursue other romance. it just kinda rubs me the wrong way. Sure there is the option to not pursue your romance with the spouse at the end of the game, but still…


@Alder @LaReveuse It is possible, happened on my first run. Basically, my relationship with the mayor stayed the same (around 70) but since I tried to avoid them (I’m not taking any risks) the journalist was above (by 3-4%) as I didn’t reveal who I was. As a consequence, during the wedding, they reveal their motives, “”"“apologize”""" and attack. I arrest them , free the city council (told the president to stay away, I knew it would be something like this), and become a second swashbuckler.


Just out of curiosity, but has anyone managed to get the Khaan! achievement?

That is the only one I’m missing, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.


I did, although I don’t remember how I exactly got it, sorry. :frowning: Hecking amusing dialogue, though.


Is it weird that I never felt bad cheating on the mayor,but always felt bad just playing along with my twin’s gf


I really enjoyed the game, but I do have a few issues with it.

The first is the Mayor. I know that the relationship (or specifically, the wedding) is important for the plot, but I really wasn’t that keen on being forced into it. I guess I’d have enjoyed it better if I’d had more time to get to know him before I had to choose how I felt about him. True, I got to choose that I’d felt “forced into the relationship”, but without actually meeting him I had no idea if my MC would really be feeling that. Also, it did help to make me suspicious enough that I’d worked out he was the Patriarch before I even knew that there was a Patriarch, and I just kept wondering how blind my MC was for not figuring it out already. Also, like @wolfmarelalala, I felt no romantic loyalty to him whatsoever; I barely knew the guy.

I was also pretty disappointed not to be able to romance Firebrand at the end, given that I had a higher relationship with him than Robert (who I could have romanced), and I’d kinda redeemed him (plus we’d even kissed on our first “date”)… I guess there must have been some switch I failed to trip, but if so it wasn’t exactly obvious (or conflicted with something I thought was vital). I guess we ended up as frenemies, though, so a future romance isn’t impossible. :blush:


I kinda liked the Mayor so I’m sad we didn’t get a lot of time with them. I literally tried to see them whenever the game gave me the chance but I still don’t feel like they have a lot of personality.

I actually thought they were going to be the Patriach the whole time which I think could’ve lead to some interesting drama but Robert ending up being it which fell flat for me.

It was out of no where in my opinion and I had a bug were half way between Robert’s rant it switched to Clarence’s name which both confused me and ruined the surprise that it could’ve been either of them.

Seriously. Why would Robert turn evil? I know he said it was because he was tired of being the victim but I felt like that was weak. The Mayor turning evil would make more sense.


3 days left of it being on sale, still not in the Amazon App store…


I mostly really liked this game, but I felt like the Matriarch being either the mayor or the reporter was kind of dumb. Did 3 playthroughs, romanced the first two times, and had the Mayor as Matriarch, and figured I’d do a third playthrough where I was faithful to the mayor and try to talk her down from her evil plans at the end by appealing to her good nature, only for the villain to inexplicably switch to being the reporter. Its specifically said that Swashbuckler is investigating the Matriarch prior to you taking up the costume, so the idea that your actions can affect who it is at all is rather odd.


I don’t know how it keeps happening but so far every CoG about superheroes has been at least good, and this is certainly at least as good as CCH and Paradigm City.