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Since I always romance Bloodmist,I’m wandering what affects the identity of the P/Matriarch?In all my 3 playthrough,the matriarch is always the mayor


Whoever has the lowest relationship value between the mayor and the reporter.


This is definitely my favorite COG of the year so far. The writing quality was amazing and kept me interested from the very beginning to the end. My two criticisms would be that I do wish we had more time to get to know the characters. I’ve only done one playthrough so far, but I was barely able to spend time getting to know any of the characters alone. Also, I wish that the Matriarch was just one character regardless of your choices. It was the reporter for me and I initially was excited to replay and see what it would be like dating the villain, but came here to find out that it depended on relationship stats. It would have been interesting if it had stayed either the mayor OR the reporter, with the dialogues changing if you were romancing the villain. Other than those things, it was fantastic and a sequel would be iconic if there were any plans for one in the future.


Great game, finished it recently and quality is top notch. There were some strange things (like why my character havent mentioned my fiancee and boyfriend of three years, that i have twin sister living in the same city? :slight_smile: or why i havent got option to go to my fiancee as quickly as possible to assure him that i’m okay and keep up the sharade.) But overall the game kept me occupied and on the edge of my seat (almost missed my stop in the bus because was so involved with reading the story :slight_smile: ) So i consider it definately one of the better choice games i ever read.

I did encountered couple of bugs though, one at the end, which actually made me reaslise the patriarch identity is not fixed (i think?)

I romanced the mayor and stayed faithful to him and at the end during showdown, when reporter revealed he is the Patriarch, at one of the pages during fight for one short paragraph the game switched to calling the Patrairch “Clarence” (Mayor’s name) two times and then went back.


Oh! So that’s what happen if you get involved with reporter! I wondered how my sister would react to that if i would pursue him, but even if i wouldnt be staying faithfull in my playthrough to the mayor, i was just thinking “that’s my sister’s boyfriend, i couldnt do anything with him even for pretense!” during our “date” :slight_smile:


Your twin would say their relationship with the reporter has came to a certain point,so they don’t mind you pursuing their bf/gf,best twin ever


Sent in an e-mail to support, but figured I would mention it here as well. The “Buy Now for $3.99” link rather than letting you buy it now, takes you to Steam where it’s $4.89.


About the achievement Judge Dredd.How can I get the King of Diamonds?


I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong? It goes pretty perfectly till:

The choices pop up where you can pick things to prepare before the wedding. I play the game with high tech, but also fairly high Investigate and charisma, enough to get by and pass the previous skill checks. But no matter what I pick to do before the wedding, something always messes up somewhere and the patriarch not only gets away, but takes the president captive and my MC ends up fused with her sister. I’ve tried 5 times now, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I even made sure to investigate the church beforehand and erased the runes, but he still used them? Can anyone help with maybe a step by step?


New to the site so I hope this is right-- I blurred this just in case I do not know if it is actually needed the blur. However, I wanted to be safe

How did you get the civilian ending? I’ve only been able to get the melding ending ( which I am not fond of). Tbh I would have loved it if the brothers could have fought together


Can’t quite remember how it went for me but I played a high investigate/pretty high charisma character. I investigated the cathedral, rallied the crowd and used investigate to figure where she was going. I think you need to not go through the portal.


@wolfmarelalala Use the mayor/reporter as diversion, don’t alert the guards (high charisma does the trick) and collect everything you can. Most of the stats checks can be passed by having high tech.

@AgentVerona So during the prepaations:
-talk to Firebrand or Bloomist if you can or talk to Quentin
-go to the church. You will see some guys running. DON’T CONFRONT THEM. If you do, you see only one sigil. If you follow, you’ll find two.
-go to see your sibling, and tell them you’ll switch right before the wedding. That will give you an option to search the church once more and allow to find a third sigil.

@Kase_Smith Arrest the Patriach/Matriach. You need to have high Prowess to grab them,
high Agility to follow and Investigation to guess the hideout’s location. Then, when your twin ask, refuse to be a second swashbuckler.

By the way, anyone interested by some mini guides?


@Harroc Thanks!
Yeah some mini guides would be cool


A mini guide certainly going to be useful, so yeah why not?


Guides are always welcome.


It’s 3.99$ without tax. Tax is 0.90$ so it adds up to 4.89$. Not adding the tax to the price is an American thing. It confused me as well at first :joy:


Can someone please help me with defeating Firebrand? He always gets the best of me both before and after the burning building.


I had charisma so I just talked him down.
Try picking what you have the highest stats with.


Problem is, I can never get enough stats for any of the options in the
first encounter to be a win and he always beats me in the second.


I got that achievement by going to The Diamond King’s room (or was it The King of Diamonds???), stealing some files from the laptop and the safe and then leaving. When the King found me, I defeated his goons, but let him escape. After that, you take the files to the police-which, by the way, not only didn’t believe me, but even tried to arrest me for that… and that’s when you get the KHAAN!! Achievement.