The Hero Project won't load

I seem to be having some issues with Heroes Rise: The Hero Project, every time I open it up it’s stuck loading, I cannot check stats or achievements, clicking upgrade also sits just loading indefinitely.

The only way I can get it to work is to hit restart, which then promptly loads the welcome page and I can carry on through the story with no issues. Until I quit and reopen, then it’s stuck with the indefinite loading…

Not sure what the problem could be, I purchased Heroes Rise 1 and 2 through Google Play quite a while back and they both worked perfectly at the time and I completed both with no issues, I’ve only just reinstalled to replay them after purchasing 3 a few days ago on same Android phone.

I’ve tried reinstalling, but that hasn’t helped… Is there anything else I can try to troubleshoot? Also, 1 and 3 do work completely fine.

I don’t play on google play so I’m not sure what the issue is and I can’t offer trouble-shooting suggestions since I’m clueless in regards to phones. If you don’t get an answer on this thread though try emailing the choice of games support email address and they might be able to help you there.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give support an email, see if they can shed some light on my issue.

Good luck. I hope you manage to get a solution.