The Headless Horseman


I got an idea for a new third person shooter game.

The place and time: Sleepy Hollow, early twenty first century, seven days before Halloween night.

You are a pizza delivery person who just recently moved in with your aunt & uncle because you wanted a fresh start and you got tired cities ever growing noise pollution. You take as part time job in the delivery business to help keep food on the table. While on the job delivering pizza, you never believed in the supernatural and you weren’t surprised to see people in costume, seven days before Halloween. While on your scooter making your delivery, you couldn’t help but notice one guy dressed as the headless horsemen was following you. Your mistake was to dismiss it as a person playing a trick but you couldn’t help but notice the costume looked very real and the he was riding on just as menacing. You decided to have the good scents to ride near the sheriffs office to put your fears aside.

While you are trying to overcome your fears, you noticed the street lights were getting dimmer and the area was getting darker by the minute and the horseman was following you much closer then your comfort zone would allow. Your instincts give way and you put the peddle to the metal on your scooter and make it go faster then its to do. But (alas), it was to late because on your left side, you saw the horseman grabbing you by the neck and then you heard some weird language being chanted and it went dark.

You are woke up dazed and confused from your ordeal and your still alive but very upset because you thought you were a victim of a stupid and dangerous prank. You were just getting back up on your feet looking around the area and figure out “what the hell happened”, (so that way), you can explain to the sheriff better. However, while you were eyeballing the area, you couldn’t help but notice some strange things in the neighborhood. For Starters, your scooter is in a parked up right position with the pizzas undamaged, your smart phones clock indicates you’ve only been out of action for five minutes and last but not least, your smart phone has a picture of a jack o lantern and it’s talking to you.

Jack: So, he finally did it. (speaking in a gruff voice, with a hint of sarcasm.)

You: What the hell?!

Jack: Before you freak out, you may want to look in a mirror or something.

You walked towards the scooter and check the side mirrors to see what wrong with the picture and that’s when you receive the shock of your life. You saw your neck but you didn’t see your head, all you saw was a pair of eyes that looked like a white outline with no color what so ever.

Jack: Now, now, don’t panic.

You: Don’t panic?! My head is gone!

Jack: Yes, I know but you need to calm down!

You try to do what your now possessed smart phone ask you to do but you’re are all shook up.

Jack: Look, let me explain to you what happened to you but to understand your problem we have to beginning of a long story.

You decided to sit down on the scooter seat while you calmed down a little more so the image of a pumpkin can tell you, “What the Hell is going on”.

Jack: First off: My name is Jack O lantern and I’ve taken possession of your smart phone. Secondly: A question, do you know the story of the Headless Hose men.

You: Yeah, it’s practically a national anthem.

Jack: Well, here’s what really happened. The problem about that story is everybody lost sight of the love triangle that got whole thing started.

You: You mean the new school teacher, the wealthy farmers daughter and the towns popular man?

Jack: Yes, don’t interrupt.

Jack continues with the story while you listen.

Jack: When Brom Bones realized he had some competition for Katrina Van Tassel heart and her wealth against the superstitious schoolmaster Ichabod Crane. But, rather then acting like a bully and do what bullies do best, he decided to come up with a plan to scare Crane away for good. He remembered some of his family members like talk about the time in the American Revolutionary War and there tall tales like the Headless Hessian and his ongoing quest to find his head. So, he found a red uniform, used a semi black horse,( if you paint the areas, it will be) and a pumpkin, you got yourself a headless ghost. Later that night, (after the party), Bones got dressed up for the big prank of the century and waited for Crane to head home. When Crane rode his not so fast horse down the dark area in the forest, Bones snuck up on behind on Crane and screamed. Crane, (frightening) turned around and saw the headless horse man, (not knowing it was Brom Bones in disguise) he rode his hose hard and fast to get away from the ghost but Cranes hose was not made for speed. So when the famous bridge came to view, he rode towards it, thinking he was safe from the headless spook. However, Bones accidently lost control of his hose and knocked over Crane to the ground. After Bones regained control of his horse and rode back to see Crane and what condition he was going to be in, he thought Crane was unconscious so when Crane wakes up, he could get one more scare in but when he got closer to the body, he saw Cranes neck was broken and he realized he was in big trouble because he caused a murder. So, rather confessing his sins to the local law, he decided to hide body by tossing it in the flowing water under the bridge and saw the body of Crane flote away.

You: So how did Brom Bones become the headless hose man that we all know and love?

Jack: Ahhhh, You figured it out. Back to the story, A month goes by, the local hasn’t found Crane, Brom Bones get married to Van Tassel and everybody thought they lived happily ever after. However, all the while, some body did see the whole thing and took great offence and that some body is the fairy kingdom. When the fairy kingdom saw what he did, they planned a punishment for him. They kidnapped him and took him to the dullahans to be transformed into a dullahan thrall and for added pain, they took the head of Brom Bones and gave it to the ghost of Ichabod Crane and charged him of the task of hiding it.
Centuries later he came across a spell that could switch bodies and be releaved of the reponsiblities by giving it to some one else.

You: That some one else is me.

Jack: That’s right

You: What! That is so not happening!

Jack: Cool it! Let me explain. Your mission is to find the head, make peace with Ichabod Cranes ghost, convince the fairy kingdom of the problem your having and find the spell caster in question and break the spell or become a fullfledge dullahan. Your chose

So what do you think? The reason for all this, is because there not enough playable monsters on the subject in video games. Think about it, there is movies, graphic novels, television shows and anime but no playable characters.


I think that your story is an excellent aides and has quite an interesting aura about it, but you should be careful with how you plot the story to avoid derailing it.
But in total I think it’s a rather new and fresh take on the headless horsemen tale which has already got my attention since I love ghost stories.


Thank you and I will take your advice


This sounds really cool, I love a good ghost story especially when it coincides with my own Celtic origins not Irish Celtic thought which is where the dullahan myth comes from.

Do we play as our own body without a head or are we taking the place of Bones, his body with the PC’s soul?



No well, I guess not quite…


Where the demo :sob::sob::sob: I thought there was a demo


Patience bro, patience…


Can you explain how this will be a “Third Person Shooter?”

Great concept, anyway


F.Y.I. This game is going to take awhile, so don’t wait up


I’d be happy to beta-test for you.


So, hypothetically, you could just track down the previous headless horseman, ask about the spell, and pawn the curse off on someone else?