The Harbinger's Head (AVAILABLE NOW!) *UPDATED 07-19-2018*



Thanks. would be sure to look at them.


I don’t have any details yet, but it does look like it’s going to be releasing on the 19th now. I’m only just back from traveling for the past week–what a week!–so I’m still sorting through emails and the like, but I’m hoping this is all sorted out now, or about to be. Apologies again for the unexpected delay! I’ll be updating the topic description shortly with the new info.

In the meantime, those WIPs @Eric_knight pointed out do look really great. Do be sure to check them out while we wait! :slight_smile:

Does that happen often? Does it usually cause delays? This is my first experience publishing a CoG HG, and despite the research I’ve done, I’m aware of just how much I may be unaware of yet, haha.


I think it happens once in a while due to various reasons. I have seen several soon to be CoG or HG stories being pushed back at least once or twice each but I would assume that it’s up to the platforms that chooses the date to release like Apple, Google PS and Steam.


well 8 more days to go, and ive burned through the suggested wips rip. Here’s to hoping they wont delay it again


Well… just like @MichaelCrank said, it could be release date problem with multiple platform…

From my one year experience , by reading various comments and explanation in the forum… HG/CoG try to release their Titles simultaneously in every platform , mainly playstore, Appsstore and Steam … If one platform delay it, the entire release date may be delay … Google Playstore seems to be most lenient , they usually won’t cause problem with the initial release date, Appsstore and Steam seem to had a habit of holding out till last minutes before they decided to delay a title :slight_smile:


I see… that’s a bummer, but that would definitely explain the last-minute delay and lack of warning. Hopefully they’ve got it all worked out, or will in the very near future. Thank you, @MichaelCrank and @Eric_knight, for your insight! I appreciate it. :black_heart:

@Vae Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Any horror stories?


Guys its out in playstore! Woooooh!


It’s also up on steam! :smiley:


Ive done my first play through. Its nicely written i like it! But…m its kinda shorter than iwas expecting though? Will the length change based on the choices?


Well, it is 46k words.