The Guard's Duty (WiP, demo) (Last update 4 December 2018)


Will you be adding more weapons to the game? If yes than can you please add a sword and parring gauntlet. Where the gauntlet can be modified to have a retractable shield, hidden blade, or mini cross bow/sling shot?


Hi there.

While new starting weapons are not really in my plans (especially such cool and complex for a regular guard), I might add options to change arsenal later in the game, and I will gladly consider your idea.



Restoring stuff is not fun, studying while doing it is also not that much fun. But I hope to be done by the end of October.

I want to thank everyone for your patience! Ch1 will see the light!


And hello again!

It was a long journey, but a fruitful one. Only a couple dozen lines remain for Chapter 1, then it will be polished and given a touch of editing and then, finally - out here.

I personally can’t wait for that moment. See you all in a few weeks!


And it is here. Feel free to leave your opinions, questions and whatever else you might want to share.

Thank you for following this little project of mine!


As usual, I’d like to talk about future plans. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a bit of advice: do you, dear readers, think it would be better to begin chapter 2 for solo guards or flesh out chapter 1 for remaining possible MCs?

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If there are more branches to explore in CG 1 I think you should finish those. You are probably going to want an idea of how “branchy” the story will be into the next chapter. This might end up driving your decision for a multipart series.

Really like what you’ve got so far by the way!


Thank you!

There are branches for other types of MCs determined in Ch. 0. I’ll give your words a thought, yiu definitely have a point there.

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All in all, I’ll be taking a rest for the winter holidays. I guess I’ll continue working on Guard’s Duty in January, but the staggering amount of feedback makes me somewhat hesitant.


there is a new update? i thought it said april 12 lol


Yeah, time definitely needs to get a standard format. The title actually was meant to say 4th December


Good time of day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your winter.

I have decided that due to non-existent response I’ll be working on the game in a more private fashion. See you all in a revived thread a couple of months later, hopefully with complete Ch1 or a good chunk of Ch2.

I would be glad to have some thoughts on the current state of Guard’s Duty - write here or PM me, and thanks for checking the quest out!

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