The Guard's Duty (WiP, demo) (Last update 4 December 2018)



If it was done by fair play

It wasn’t, I’m a bad person :pensive:

I just finished setting up Atom and it seemed like an excellent opportunity to test various functions like invert delete lines containing x string and delete duplicate lines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’d be really hard to gather all the keywords legit way though. There were 104 lines containing keyword IIRC and a lot of endings shared two or three of them. Finding out what choices will result in the other rare ones would be nigh impossible if you were to find out all of them.


Well, at least I got something useful done then. No hard feelings :slight_smile:

Now we can change it to “find the way to reach the endings” contest!


Rolled out a small update. Luckily, I’m almost done with my exams and will start working heavily on the Cathedral and beyond shortly.

Thanks in advance for you thoughts!


Really liking the games.


Good day, people!

I’m happy to say that the game is being worked on. The new threat in the Cathedral square, as well as the meeting with mysterious Axel are hopefully coming in late April.

Meanwhile, I will be grateful for any new perspective on the existing parts of the game - especially the first chapter (right now accessible only by veteran or promoted guards).

Once a guard - always a guard :shield:


Hi there!

Good news: the Cathedral is fully done. Slightly less good news: I’m still finishing editing and checking it - expect the update in a few days.

Good news again: it means that you either have a reason to check out some different paths (I mean it - the Tavern in ch1 is pretty non-linear with vastly different outcomes), or make yourself familiar with my little project. In both cases I would like any feedback you choose to give and hope that you’ll have a good time!


Kept you waiting, huh?

The Cathedral is here and the close-up of the Chapter will be arriving somewhere in June-August, and I’m very exited to keep working on this game.

Also, I though I should mention that I prefer wider games to lengthy ones, and build this story accordingly. However, I hope that everyone will find here something.

It would be great to hear from all of you - and not necessarily about the last updated piece, there is a lot of content I would love to discuss with those who are interested.

** salute **


This shall prove to be an interesting game…


Thanks! Would you mind giving an opinion about strong and weak points of the current version?


Of course! You have a very good, solid story with an excellent medieval setting (with a touch of dystopian). The characters are in depth to, I also like the option where you can skip the prologue if in - game lore isn’t for you. The only real fault I have noticed is that in the beginning when one of the options is to start with a pre - made character, character is spelt wrong. A suggestion is for you to add more details on the political structure of the city that you serve. Thanks for reading,


Really appreciate the input! I might indeed add a bit about the city politics.


I kind of see my guardsman looking like this i have always love the work this guy does he is amazing


Are any of you guys here?


The authors last post here was only 6 days ago
And the last update was about 2 weeks ago. The probable answer is yes.


Sure, I’m here. Need anything?


Sorry, I was just wondering where everybody was, we were a bit quiet all of a sudden.


How are things getting on?


Thanks for asking!

I’m currently working on the Chapter 1 ending, though, admittedly, I’m not doing it very fast. I hope to complete it in late August.


Very good luck to you!


Alas, grave news. Hear ye, hear ye.

My computer thought it would be nice to almost die and lose most of all my files, including the updates for The Guard’s Duty. It seems that the work of August will have to be redone from scratch. I hope to restore it quick-ish, but it seems that the update is going to wait.

It will include:

  • Gates scene, with a mute guard Lysa and maybe encounter with Aron’s henchman Tarris

  • Old Church scene, depending on the time MC took to get there

  • Grammar fixes

I hope that it would be worth the wait. Also, I’d be delighted to answer any questions regarding existing content and variations of certain scenes like Tavern or Cathedral.