The Guardian (Updated 1/13/19)



Not planned in the story as of now as hiding things on your head is a little harder then your back.

@Anathema No you’re pretty heavily relied upon with both war and matters of the state. In this kingdom, the Guardian is the head of the military and the queen/king is secondary. Leo the current Guardian is heavily feared for his ability to wage war and because of this he rarely holds his tongue.

@soprano you most certainly can but some things she’ll fall back to you anyways just because the amount of family trust there is. Even if you don’t go this route she will sometimes not listen, she is very young lol.

@E_RedMark @Zetttic I can answer this as this very easily. King Blackwood only takes a wife because she is exactly what he wanted strong, kind, loyal, nurturing, and above all else full of free will. She takes you as her own and doesn’t treat you badly at all. I really hope to create a character with the King and Queen that just show amazing parents and wonderful people. Characters that inspire their kingdom and gain loyal citizens through trust, not power. And I love the idea of her teaching magic, never thought of it but will now add that!

@Dartknight Maybe maybe not :wink: just depends on the route and role you choose. But it def is an option that will appear. Other races have special armor but only the drake has the natural scale armor.


See if you can implement a save system so the ballad of Coldsteel Knifedge can play on.

BTW, minor issue with picking race: all of the flavour and abilities of the races are listed after you’ve already picked your race, so if you find out that the Reaven race isn’t actually a race of skeleton warriors like you thought, your only option is to restart.

Also the 5 long paragraphs of exposition is pretty awkwardly placed and unnatural for the scene.

Maybe you could incorporate their abilities into your choices, and later on the king goes into more detail about the history of your race and cultural in the wider world as part of your training to take over the throne one day? He could say something like “Coldsteel, my boy, in order to understand this world well enough to rule, you must also understand your place within it! You are a Reaven, the edgiest of all the races. With great edge comes great responsibility. Blah blah etc.”

And your initial choice of race:

How could a helpless infant like you have possibly survived the massacre?

  # Arrows passed straight through me as though I weren't truly there.
  # I was protected inside of my thick scaly egg.
  # My mother flew above the battlefield with her great wings, and when a stray arrow hit her, she shielded my fall with her body.
  # My father laid over me and merged with the shadows, making me invisible in the darkness until his last breath.


I can see what you mean and thought it was a issue as i was writing it. Rushing made me just go along with it to get something started. These are actually very good options and might even use a few them if thats alright.


Only if I get 10% of all the profits. :wink:


All I can think about now is the greatest showman.


You know, upon reading the demo a second time I realized it’s kinda weird having to choose a last name. We have no family so why would
we need a last name for? And isn’t the King pretty much making us a Blackwood anyhow?


Well in this world you have your own unique full name and then a family name. Some choose the family name other’s choose to be what they want to be. So every child in Uspen has a name day. Other countries do not.


but considering your age…

‘‘I wanna be called Mcfluffy Queen of Blueberry!!’’ …

came to 18…you probably hate the king for making you decide at 4 years old! :sweat_smile:


Also a valid point. He already took us as a baby maybe he should just name us and we can skip the whole “name yourself” matter.


well the main issue here , is IF the king make the choice…the player is robbed of choosing a proper name for themself . Homewhever , we could either fast forward said ceremony when you are grown enough to come up with a sensible name or we get a Title . The warden (without being a gray warden lol) could suffice till you are of age of choosing your own name .

As for a family name , maybe we could get one based on a Task ? like kill X and we become Herald the elf root slayer ? :stuck_out_tongue: or something .

even the ‘middle of court , in front of everyone ceremony , where you see the Joy , Hate , murder that can kill…’’ sheesh…peer pressure !!! I be melting or fainting if it was meh lol .


Oh sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I’m not saying the King should give us a name, but rather have the situation be more like “starting today your name shall be…” and then just have us write it.


@will @Escanor @E_RedMark
Updated and name chose should flow better now I hope? As well as race choice.


I’m a simple person, I know a medieval when I see one. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. I just want to ask, if is there really no option for names atm? And it kind of seems fast pace to me, but it’s still great.


Fixed it and hopefully it’ll feel less like that as I get out of prologue .


hum…name not working ?

"So your name is Fullname. Thats a strong name for a strong child. I’ll do my best to find out where you came from and offer you my protection until that day." The King tells you softly trailing his thumb across your infant cheek.

I put my username…but picked one of the choice for family name : Wood


Your fathers smile rips wide open as he pulls you in for a deep hug
I believe it is “Father’s”?


Okay it should be fixed i hope don’t know what is causing that it works for me.
@Bathala it very well could be lol I def need work on grammar rules and such.


I am honestly torn between having wings like an Angel or become a shadow person. I cri ebri tym :sob:


I have a preference for the Reaven only cause the name has history to me. they all have good sides and bad and youll get to see all the homelands in some fashion


I want to be a winged shadow person, but I also don’t want to be one.

I am torn. :frowning: