The Guardian (Updated 1/13/19)

With the winged race, can we have or wings hidden or something or are they always out?

what about friendship path that are separated from the romance path ? would there be some like that ?

Ohhh and do the species have any unique abilities ? I know you mentioned Magic…but thats vague…harry potter kinda of magic ? Lord of the ring ? omg…D&D magic! finger of death at every idiot :sweat_smile:

I assume there is SOME racial abilities, like the Reavan blending in with darkness, but I may be mistaken.

They fold up when you so choose.

@E_RedMark Yes and it will affect certain aspects of ruling and prowess in war. And every race has a special ability that belongs to just them. Celest has a speed boost that makes reaction speeds super high, which is great for aerial combat. Drake’s have the scales and eventually, you use fire to enhance combat skills. Reaven’s shadow meld and can shadow jump with enough practice. Ethereal’s have healing magic no matter how they train but can also use their ability to fade during the day to almost go invisible making them great rogues or scouts. Magic is like most fantasy games you can use elements, illusions, etc.

Yep and race effects your starting stats. You can change this through the prologue. For example Ethreal’s excel at magic, but you can choose to be a blade master if you’d like.

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Love the idea of caring for and protecting our baby sister. Shaping her and her rulership should be an interesting challenge, especially if we can go all Machiavellian (evil routes are fun too!).

Just a question, how much actual political power would we have as the Queen’s Guardian? Are we a glorified war general? Or does the court hush at the sound of our voice?

All in all, it was a short demo, but I’m definitely interested in seeing more.


What about the horns for the Drake, could we choose to keep them hidden?

A few quick questions:

Can we encourage our sister to not rely on us (or anyone else) much, and to be confident in making her own decisions from an early age?

If yes, will that eventually lead her to disobey us in crucial times? Too much of the MC giving advice that the Princess doesn’t want shall also inevitably lead to animosity, I assume?

Also, how much of a role shall the King’s wife play in the story? Will she end up being the evil, jealous mother afraid of someone controlling her child in order to seize the throne?


those are your specie special ability…if you go back to your peoples , they all have them .

I was thinking more…unique ability only your mc has , and if they were to go home , they stand out like a sore thumb :stuck_out_tongue:

urgh I hope not…the evil Step mother trope…plz…

I would love for a Queen that is kind and wise for once…make you wanna work your ass off for the kingdom has 2 treasure…the queen and the futur queen ! :sweat_smile:

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I know this sounds odd but, is there a stat like “Queen’s Sanity” or something like that, I doubt she would go insane at 5 years old but if someone’s MC was douchey, could they do that and help deteriorate her sanity?

ohh how about the queen being an adept of magic and teaching us ? instead of an old wrinkled wizard paid alot lol

Well, they’re technically not even our stepmother. I mean, I agree that the evil queen trope is overdone, but can we really blame her? The way she sees it, we’re a complete outsider, belonging to different species even, an orphan found abandoned on the battlefield, and now we’re being trusted to guide and shape her child? Any mother would be wary in this situation.

I do hope that we’ll be able to eventually earn her trust, though.

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if she married the king out of love…she would love the package he already had…aka the MC…not go total paranoiac…

and we probably meet her as we are a bit older , and why would she go all suspicious and marry the king ? thats a bad form lol

I mean you ever read a story where the queen say ‘‘I love you and will accept to be the Queen of this beautiful kingdom , my love! but…that kid of yours…? found on a battelfield…I rather they stay away from our futur brood! now Kiss meh Tender!’’

@Omegareaven never said that they won’t like us though, she could probably care for us we should wait before assuming lol.

I mean, we’d eventually get her to trust us, but how long it takes depends on when we meet her, I honestly hope we can be the Queen’s right-hand man.

I wasn’t assuming anything… sorry if it came across that way. It was a question. But it still isn’t confirmed that she’ll like us, right? I wonder if we could be helping the Princess and doing things in her best interest, yet also at the same time, annoying the Queen.

@E_RedMark True, but what I’m saying is, even if she has no problem with us being there, would she really be fine with us being there as the role model for her child? Before the marriage, I doubt that the King told her that this son he adopted with no knowledge of his lineage, shall one day have this much of a role to play in their child’s life, were they to have one.

@Zetttic I hope so too.


It didn’t come off that way don’t worry I understand why everyone thought she wouldn’t like us. I just hope it doesn’t go that route and maybe we would even be like her own adopted child as well. In her eyes it could be her daughter’s older sibling helping and keeping them safe.

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First off, I got the vibe that the King and Queen we’re going to be dead a little ways into the story, otherwise, why are we deciding how to raise our sister?
Second, Drake’s, do these fire combat abilities include a fire sword with burning scale armor? Cause that would be dope.

Racial armor/weapons doesn’t sound bad honestly, it would be pretty cool if you just see some Drake in Dragon/Drake-Scale Armor.

I can’t get the image of the MC walking to the front of his army before a battle activating his scale armor and raising his sword then igniting into blue flame (the national color). The shear awe factor.

If I was the other side I’d be “backing up cause my daddy taught me good”.

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