The Guardian (Updated 1/13/19)

I’m definitely would play a playthrough where my mc is bitter and wants the throne to be his again.


Sounds fun! While an option to usurp the crown sounds fun, I do like the idea of molding our step sister into a worthy ruler.

This is a fantasy world so the door might be enchanted

True. If that’s the case it might be worth including an explanation to that effect.

My MC would. He is aware he isn’t the actual heir and understands that she is. He’s grateful he’s trusted to guide and protect her.


So you can be a ghost, a dragon, an angel, or a demon!

I like the premise of watching over the future queen. I’m imagining escort missions through bandit territory, foiling assassins in the dead of night, sneaking her out so she can catch a glimpse of a commoner’s life to better understand her people, sabotaging her affair with an uncouth prince you disapprove of, and firing the head chef for overcooking the pheasant.

@Baam @niranjan_vivek @MichaelCrank Agreed way to adult. I designed the world, lore, and tory in a matter of an hour in my head, then wrote 3000 words in two…kinda got stuck in MC adult view instead of a child. I’ll update that as I finish the prologue.

@Malvastor @niranjan_vivek I like the idea of an enchanted door, but honestly, I pulled a bs number out of my head as I wrote XD Though I may now make the door enchanted…because yeah magic lol.

@WishingforDragons @S_Striker67 @Shawnheatherly @Baam @will This is why I like this idea so much because I want the relationship between MC, sister, and the king to be a pivotal point. She absolutely loves the MC and trusts everything they say. The emotions from war to her first courting prince are what I want to shine through.


@Lola @DontJudge @flocktrops At this moment I don’t have a path like that planned, as I wanted this to be a different kind of story. Though really your more the king at first this the guardian as you mold your sister. Want to have her trained as a kick-ass battle princess, so be it. Need her to be cunning enough charm the most evil foes, that can be her path. While your playing your MC, your also kinda playing a second charcter as choices really influence her.

@Zetttic yes you can choose that path. The king tries to lead you away from that as he hates killing, but in the end he supports the path you create.

@Checkmate ill fix that with next update thank you very much.

@Hamps Wel…he’s special ok! Let the poor man give birth! lol yeah that does look funny the way I wrote it.

@Harley_Robin_Evans @lokidemon007 Thanks gld you liked it!


He was orphaned in a way no child should be. (He instead of she)

also…just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: but those names don’t fit much lol

fade , shadow , for exemple for the etheral
drake…hum…how about Turiant name here ? XD
celest…gabrielle everything ? XD
reaven…dark elf totally! :sweat_smile:

Interesting but if this was real life, I’d take the throne by force if needed to, even if it means getting rid of people (-_-)


They would probably be given names that fit with the culture of their kingdom rather than an edgy anime name that emphasizes their otherworldliness. The king was trying to make them his heir.

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and thats boring lol

if I play an MC thats not human (Thanx god for that!)…then I be picking a name that fit my specie .

So we’re actually playing as the princess?

Well I could of used those but I wanted unique name as I’d like to build the races more and give details and backgrounds in a more in-depth fashion. Reaven especially has a big meaning as it’s from my first story in high school lol.

@Adam_Juarez you and lots of others lol. But i feel there are many games you can be kind, but few that you lead someone else on the path to rule.


You mean last name and first?
You should have an option to create your own name. Should be last option for both last and first.

@DontJudge well no your playing your charcter, but still shape the princess with choices made for her. Especially in the beginning of her reign of power.

but ruling isn’t all that fun lol peoples forget you have advisor who troll you everytime you wanna go lunatic in your own kingdom . Alot and lot of papers works ! So much paper works! And you aren’t even PAID to rules! forget the treasury…everyone has access to it…and you only get the spreadsheet that tell you how much is left and how much you need to collect! :rofl:

pain in the ass I tell you! lol

Btw…what about romance ? is this (or will be) gender locked romance of some kind?

I wholeheartedly agree. There are plenty of games that involve us being the ruler and securing the throne, and I’ve never really had a lot of interest in that. Shaping the ruler and their personality - now that, I look forward to.


This is what I’m interested in seeing, I’m honestly getting tired of “be a king” or “take back the throne” games.


No it’s not genderlocked not even for your sister. King Blackwood believed in marrying for self not kingdom. You can make her do that of course, but don’t have too. The romance options for MC will be 2-4 not sure yet, but gender never matters in my games, love is love lol.


@No_This_Is_Patrick Yep it’s why I really like this idea. I’m excited to create a world that you effect with multiple characters all at once :slight_smile: