The Guardian (Updated 1/13/19)

Today I started working on a side project that has been in my head for years. Mainly because I thought I lost my other games work and because I love the idea.


It takes place in the world of (no world name yet XD). You are found after King Blackwood of Uspen is attacked by a band of your people. He finds you as a baby in the aftermath of the battle and brings you home to his country. The king welcomes you into the castle and eventually deems you a member of his family line and only heir. This is a big deal as you are of a different race and have no true claim to be an heir. Fast forward to age ten and you get a wonderful surprise. After finally marrying your father gives birth to a baby girl, giving you a sister and him a true heir. Soon you become her Guardian which in Uspen is the main protector and war leader of the ruler. Your father charges you with preparing her, guiding her, protecting her, and yourself as you try to make her the greatest queen Uspen has ever had.

Things aren’t quite as straight forward as you would hope though. Danger appears on all sides ready to destroy you, your sister, and your country. Men are all vying to marry her and you must help her choose a proper direction for both love and country. Then you got all these visits to foreign countries that have to happen! And there are rumors that the orcs are preparing to assault your border’s during this busy time. So much to do!


1/13/19 - Updated prologue to fit the young character better and hopefully improve story flow for character creation. 5K length so far.


Choose from four races
Ethereal’s - A race that is powerful in magic and almost godly at healing. When the sun rises they become transparent like a ghost.
Drake’s - A race of great power and health. They have spiraled horns that rest upon there head. When in danger scale as strong as armor covers them.
Celest - A race of winged folk. Everyone Celest is born with silver wings that are very great at flight. Magic and speed flow through this race making them the air’s apex predator.
Reaven - A race said to be born of darkness. They can merge with the shadows hiding the physical form and only being hurt by magic.

Help your sister rule the kingdom. Form alliances, start wars, build trade, and change the world.

Help your sister find the future king. Who truly deserves her hand!?

Find your own love if you can amongst the busy work of being her Guardian.

Race Concepts






I’m a sucker for medieval fantasies.


Me to the great tournament was my first game

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whoo interesting start! excited to see future updates :slight_smile:
also this somehow reminds me the back story of loki, an adopted alien child of the king lol


I can def see that comparison! Originally it was just a orphan but I like the different race and potential for combating racism.


Seems like a interesting plot and yeah also reminds me of Loki which is cool, i imagine when the true heir is born things change quite a bit for the mc and since the game is about helping her i hope we can have negative feelings towards her and plans to take the crown.
Since the mc is 4 when they choose their name, when the king asks their feelings about him claiming them as their child the responses feel very adult and not something a 4 year old would say, unless the other races mature faster than humans.
Found a pronoun error


He was orphaned in a way no child should be. Since then I have watched Her grow, learn, and emerge as a great member of our country. That being said I an decree with unbridled pride and joy that I deem Zel Wood a daughter of the Blackwood family! Therefore she also become my soul heir!
It was supposed to say She


I agree. The responses felt too elaborate for a child.


So far very good…like the others said the dialogue after the king names us his heir seems a little complicated for a four year old…

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One thing to note- a thirty foot oak door is immense. That’s the height of a three story building. It’d be incredibly difficult simply to have a door that size inside a building, much less for anyone (let alone a child!) to open it.

Edit: Also, this-

“Therefore he also become my soul heir!”

-should be “becomes my sole heir”, unless there’s something metaphysical going on.

I think what makes me most interested in this game is the dynamic between the MC and their sister. Because you just know that there will be bigots trying to turn the sister against the MC, trying to convince her that her siblings is a traitor who will usurp her.
I have a feeling that the MC’s sister will either be our worst enemy or greatest ally.


I would rather destroy her and take the kingdom…



I mean who would honestly give up the throne just to help there step sister?

I really enjoy the theme of being the body guard/ general of a military
Along with having a close relationship with the one you are protecting
And I especially love the races that are available for your character

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I love medieval stories so much! I’m mainly going to focus on a reaven play through. Will we be able to choose how we fight and do things, like can I be an assassin general?

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I really enjoyed this work. I am definitely interested in seeing where the story goes. I did find one error

it should be foe. I will definitely be watching this wip. I wish you inspiration and good writing.

I feel like the name choosing should have Blackwood as one of the options when you’re choosing a last name. It’d seem to be natural for a 4 years old would want to take the last name of his/her guardian which happens to be the King. But I do agree with the comments that the responses after being adopted would fit a teenager or an adult better.


I like the sounds of this!

wow the father sure has some abilities xD im sorry ive read it out of context and it sounds so funny lmao


It’s good but short can’t wait for more