The Great Tournament Step by Step Guide by Xoro



I seem to remember many times where I’d end up with 2 intelligence but I wouldn’t read up on tactics and wouldn’t start the game with a point in it, so i know there’s at least one more conversation/decision (apart from handing robert the hard lance) that can bump it up.


Lying is encouraged in the drinking game. More than likely he is trying to get you to drink whatever he is. He might tell the truth he might lie to try and fool you.


There is something i would like to ask how to unlock the “Nothing” prize when you win the tournament?


Just do nothing


Very nice guide, and good to save Sir Robert, but whoever got the idea of romancing all 4 girls? Given that all the girls have you promise to be faithful, I was pretty sure that cheating on Nadine would lead to an arrow in my neck. Cheating on Hannah would end in ‘off with his head’, cheating on Adeline would lead to all of my money getting stolen, and Ashura…would be very upset?


Haha… i think initially Great Tournament was a one off stand alone game , hence @Jerieth would perhaps set the romance route as more of a game to be enjoy for those who want to try a romance with all 4 person without replaying the game from the start :slight_smile:

But i agree with you, romancing all 4 will seem inappropriate , i gave a long hard thought every time and it had to be Princess Hannah for me…


Of course, you can play 4 different characters who’d romance 1 lady each…but best girl for me was Nadine.


Love Nadine as well… when i was playing Great Tournament , i didn’t realise there could be multiple RO in a story since i was new to HG/CoG … so i just follow my heart and Hannah’s route is still the best epic conclusion for me, especially i put in my heart and soul within the 100 days time period to prepare / train myself for the Tournament to save princess Hannah, and since there was no save system, for every decision i made , i need to make a mental calculation of the potential outcome… so you can imagine my excitement when i manage to kill Malik in my first playthrough ( and it was past 1 am after midnight :-):stuck_out_tongue: )


I hope that defeating Malick while rescuing Hannah isn’t too hard, because failing at that point would be a frustrating end to the story. The underwhelming final battle is a weakness of Choice of Kung Fu, but the Great Tournament builds up a lot of drama without being frustratingly difficult. One of my knights did fail the joust, but his name was Sir Jack Falstaff, so no big surprise.