The Golden Rose: Book One by Ana Ventura

Darn it, now I have to replay the game. Again. Sophia the Eternally Clueless rides once more…


I did replay just fot that, and it was totally worth it.


It was a bug where her relationship disappeared if you had both threatened her and had romance points with her. Nothing special.

Yup, I’m working on it! I was hyper-focused on this new patch for the last week, but now that it’s done, I can say that Book One is finally put to rest. I am done with it. I won’t spend any more time and energy thinking about it or chastising myself about the early chapter’s writing. It is over.

So, I can finally focus completely on the sequel. I’ll probably be sharing my progress as I hit milestones if that’s something people are interested in.

While at the tomb, pick the choice: you were curious about inscriptions on the walls. Take the Gauntlet with you. Then, either study it at the inn or study Juturna’s coin and pick the option to compare it with other designs. Go to the Devil’s Bridge and talk with the guardian about Nero and Vulcan (so don’t threaten her, or she won’t speak with you). In chapter 7, choose to write in your journal, and study either the coin or the gauntlet — whichever you didn’t study in chapter 3.

I think these are all the choices that raise Lore. It should be more than enough to get the achievement ‘Ancient Word’.

If I had included her, the poll would have been for nothing. :laughing: I had some other characters I almost included but they don’t exactly classify as “minor” — I almost put Aurelius, because I’m honestly curious to see if anyone would vote for him, but he had too big a role in Book One to fit this list.

Just for fun, who is your favorite minor NPC? I did a poll like this some time ago but now I’m curious if it has changed.

  • The Devil’s Guardian
  • Rudolf, the old guard captain
  • The fishwife
  • Father Brown
  • Father Bertrand, the monk-not-a-monk
  • The Goliath
  • Shari, the Harbormaster’s second

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Where’s kitty? Or do they count as a major NPC? :wink:


Where’s the donkey-racer old lady?


Not sure if i should admit this out loud, but my favorite minor NPC is actually Vaughn.


Damn it, I tried to add them both but I can’t change the poll now :joy: I’ll have to make one in the future with absolutely all the NPCs. Even that guy that helps you escape from the noble couple that people, for some reason, send me asks about on Tumblr.


Welcome to DM life.

DM: writes a fully-fledged villain with a complex backstory, motivations, and complex web of connections
Players: “hey, third mook from the right, fourth row, is kind of cute, what’s their name and lifestory?”


I liked the kitty cat, and the little girl that we win over with her presence.


I was torn between The Devil’s Guardian and Father Brown, haha. Both are characters that I initially didn’t like very much but grew on me really fast.


You just summed up the curse of every author ever.


Does anyone else always go to the harbor just to find that little furry beanling?


I always go to the harbor to have a fight with Goliath and beat him up!


So one thing I found interesting after doing two playthroughs while romancing Alessa. One as a male mc and the other as female mc. Alessa seems to be much more bold and physically affectionate with a female mc than the male one. At least to my knowledge, With the male mc you mostly have to be the one to initiate contact with her. And most times when Alessa does touch you it evolves her touching your face or hand. While with a female mc, she actually kisses your cheek in the early chapters. I wonder if this somehow ties into Alessa and her backstory. She did seem like she wasn’t that fond of men or trusting of them. Its possible she had a bad experience with a man at one point? Rafael maybe? Then again she is pretty distrusting and antisocial in general, so who knows, except Ana of course :grin:

Either way, I love the slight differences in how ROs treat you based on your gender. It just adds even more interesting layers to these characters. And makes them feel more real, as silly as that sounds.


It’s my first stop. I’m not terribly attached to any of the other side characters, but that cat has me wrapped around her little toe. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat2:


I love the Guardian as a character. I was so sad the first time I read the scene where she is in the Inquisitors’ hands. Her end was so soon, it was a heavy blow. It makes me want to fight with the plot, trying to revert it from willpower alone. Such a fascinating person literally guarding so many relics from the past, and knowing (as the reader) the only connection that remains from her is Lance, that MC doesn’t seem aware of, and not having an opportunity to discuss it in Book One, makes me so hyped about that particular bit of the story. I want to talk about her. I don’t want to forget her. I don’t want the world to forget her. I don’t want her legacy to end up being as a heathen. That’s such a dishonor for her.


I liked the mother who is the captain of the ship. She is so caring and loving and I feel as if her smile would be lovely to see. And yes I agree with @Demonieeriemelony, its fascinating to see the differences of their reactions based on the mc’s gender, this may be the first book where I regularly play as both a male and a female mc just to notice all of the different reactions both Hadrian and Alessa give us.
I was also torn between Shari and Father brown as I am fond of them both. This is just another proof of how rich the world is and how complex its characters are.


Agreed on everything else, but I think she’d be PROUD that her legacy is “heathen”. Her stance is basically “the Church sucks and I hope it dies a painful death”. She’s not wrong.


I’m guessing the religious belief that “the world is a big place, there’s room for Juturna and the (Christian) Lord” is very firmly “Sinful”?

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Besides the (Christian) Lord being monotheistic and therefore leaving no room for anyone else, yes, any belief in Juturna gets you more Sinful.