The Golden Rose: Book One by Ana Ventura

While everybody else is gushing over Goliath, I know I cant be the only one that would love to romance Captain Cynthia. I guess I just have a thing for unhinged and crazy romance options. Jun and Junko from Soh really awakened something in me lol. It was a shame that Neia was only for a female mc as she has that same type of energy. Cynthia however, seems like she has an even bigger dark side than Neia. And, as much as I loved Alessa, I really cant get over how attractive the Captain is. Strong dominant women are my personal weakness.


Eh…Goliath only sweet and gentlemanly over lady mc. Us dudes mc are only punching bag for him :joy:so eh, Hadrian is enough gentleman and sweet to me. I’m happy with that.:blush:


I don’t who Goliath is I never encounterd him in the game.


You can meet him at the harbor if you play around before talking to the harbor master.

Yesssss… I absolutely love Junko! Also, Cynthia and her guard 100% seemed like they were going to kill Beka. Murdering me is a fine. Murdering my light-fingered baby is not!


Anybody else get major Peacekeeper vibes from Alessa? I’ve actually started playing her in for honor since i can actually see Alessa fighting like her


I mean Junko was also going to kill Masami or Masashi as well in book 2. Though, I don’t think Cynthia would’ve killed Beka. Maybe roughed her up a lot. Not that it makes it better by the way lol. I think the fact, that its so hard for me to pinpoint what she would’ve done to Beca for her twisted sense of justice makes her even more interesting to me as a character.


I found Masami annoying, honestly, but I see your point had I been endeared to Masami then I’d probably dislike Junko too. Granted, book 4 would have changed my tune quick! A leash, are you kidding me? Swoon. :joy:

I’m super excited to see what Cynthia’s deal is, nonetheless. Even if you back her up against Beka, I can’t see her letting us go after the whole Aurelius bit. We’ll have to wait patiently to find out. :sob:


Very true, but also remember that we were pretty much forced into that situation. I think it might be possible to talk Cynthia into understanding that it was mainly self defense. Even she understands how her own guards can be incompetent. She was also quite eager to discipline the guard that attacked us unjustly. She will definitely be pissed if she finds out. But I’m still hoping that we can salvage a friendship or bonus points ( a possible romance :heart_eyes:) Either way, I cant wait for book 2.


I can totally picture Alessa being the peacekeeper minus the mask. Love their moves and it will suit Alessa. Thanks for that image, loved the reference :slight_smile:


I’m mad because Peacekeeper players gave me an aneurysm when I played For Honor and Alessa doesn’t deserve that, she’s the best. I don’t care that the comparison totally makes sense, I’m setting out to be unreasonable.


A really good peacekeeper will have me reevaluating my life decisions. But still better than conqueror. Even after the nerf the man is a menace


By the way I have a question for people who may have tried this choice.What happens when we choose to reveal to bekka the meaning of the note. And do we loose points for that with hadrian and gain some with Alessa?

I never had the heart to choose that option and in other playthroughs my cold mc always sided with the guards, so never really got an option to see what the choice leads to. Would love to know what its about!

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idk what happens either but I can’t imagine gaining points with Alessa because of it


Game Patch Notes:
• Fixed typos and grammatical mistakes.
• Fixed Alessa's relationship page bug.
• Fixed the error where it wasn't acknowledged the MC already knew of the Ministry
Building in the Market and the Cathedral paths.
• Fixed Juturna's coin continuity errors.
• Fixed the MC forgetting Aurelius' name at the Gates.
• Fixed the MC not remembering seeing Neia's initial at the Gates.
• Fixed Hadrian's cross being silver in Chapter One.
• Fixed the siren continuity error.
• Changed the description of Lance's coin box at the square.
• Added Lance's crossbow.
• Tweaked the Devil's guardian dialogue to make it clearer what she means when she calls
you "one of us."
• Added a small exposition about Latin in Chapter 1.
• Changed the description of the Devil's Bridge in Chapter 3.
• Added the Pirate to the relationship panel.
• Adjusted Hadrian and Alessa's relationship descriptors.
• If the MC has high enough Combat, they're now able to hurt the Theers' spy in Chapter
• Added the option to be grateful to Salina for treating the scar.
• MC recalls seeing a certain white spotted horse before.
• If the MC has enough Lore, they recognize the word 'Tablinum'.
• Added a different version of Lance's conversation outside the Inn based on a past
• Chouriça now reacts if you have high enough Corruption.
• Added the option to keep Aurelius' cross without wearing it around your neck.

• Added the option to tell Hadrian he's your first kiss.
• Added the option to tell Alessa she's your first kiss.
• Put the 'A Templar's Heart' and 'The Flame Beneath the Ice' achievements in their
proper places.
• Added 'A Sight from the Deep' achievement.
• Added 'Fearless' achievement.
• Added 'A New Champion' achievement.
• Added 'A Noble Parade' achievement.
• Added 'The Title before the Name' achievement.
• Added 'Gold Handkerchief' achievement.
• Added 'Green Handkerchief' achievement.
• Added 'A Promise of a Date' achievement.
• Added 'You'd Rather Not' achievement.
• Added 'A Sweet Treat' achievement.
• Added 'It Grew' achievement.
• Added 'Record Keeper' achievement.
• Added 'Human After All' achievement.
• Added 'Head in the Clouds' achievement.
• Added 'A Sparrow Soaring Too High' achievement.
• Added 'A Tight-Lipped Confession' achievement.
• Added 'Through the Haze of Embarrassment' achievement.
• Added 'The Noose Tightens' achievement.
• Added 'Ancient Word' achievement.
• Added 'A Bit of History' achievement.
• Added 'A Tight-knit Group' achievement.
• Added 'No Point in Clustering' achievement.



I love you!


I dont know if it is okay to ask this here but does anyone know if Ana started book Two? Dont wanna rush or anything. Just curious.

What was the bug?

Yes, she has. I suggest also following the Tumblr blog to keep up closer. :grin:


Thanks! Sorry I dont know how tumblr works exactly. :laughing:

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Beka becomes upset, tearing up, Hadrain frowns at you, and Alessa gives you a hard stare (she’s not that cold hearted), if I remember correctly. I didn’t lose any relationship points with anyone.