The Forest (WIP)

Hi! This is the Alpha build of a short story interactive fiction game I’ve started working on called The Forest. It’s set in the same universe as another WIP of mine called Magician, which currently doesn’t have a demo.

You are a traveller, making your way North to the country of Lumeria. The only thing standing in your way now is the Darkwood, a massive forest spanning the length and breadth of the Isthmus of Pontis.
Meet strange inhabitants, battle monsters and try to survive your journey with the help of an unexpected companion.

Play Chapter 1 Here!

Characters (spoilers)

The knight
An undead knight without any memory of his former life.


Visit my Tumblr for more information and my other WIP.


I’m definitely liking this so far.

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it ^^

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This is really interesting! Other than small grammatical mistakes, it’s easy to see your skill in writing. I’m honestly impressed by how natural the pacing feels, especially the dialogues. I’m looking forward to see more of your work and, hopefully, a little bit of Magician in the future :wink:

Keep up the good work!

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thank you so much! <3


i like this alot. i do love traveler mcs and the knight is surprisingly very nice. very interested in this

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Thank you! ^^

It’s good, did not felt like high fantasy so far but a fantasy slice of life to some extent…

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Thank you! ^^
(I may actually need to change that tag to just plain fantasy, actually. Sorry for the confusion.)

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Feathers are found on the bodies of birds and can obtain by killing them.


It was interesting to read. I have 2 questions, will the pc’s gender remain unspecified? And will it be all about exploring the darkwood?


I’m glad you thought it was interesting. So far i don’t have any plans to add gender selection or pronouns so the mc will remain ambiguous. Though i have written in name selection at the start of chapter 2.
And yes, the story takes place entirely within the Darkwood and will finish once you complete your journey through it.
Your choices will effect whether you get out (unscathed or at all) and how Knights story unfolds.


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