The Forest (WIP) - Chapter 2 Update

Hi! This is the updated alpha build of a short story interactive fiction game I’ve started working on called The Forest. I’ve just finished chapter 2 and hope you’ll all enjoy it. It’s set in the same universe as another WIP of mine called Magician, which currently doesn’t have a demo.

If any issues or bugs arise, don’t hesitate to let me know!

You are a traveller, making your way North to the country of Lumeria. The only thing standing in your way now is the Darkwood, a massive forest spanning the length and breadth of the Isthmus of Pontis.
Meet strange inhabitants, battle monsters and try to survive your journey with the help of an unexpected companion.

Play the demo here!


The knight
An undead knight without any memory of his former life.


Visit The Forest Tumblr
Visit my main Tumblr for more information and my other WIP, Magician.


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Thank you for letting me know! I believe it should be fixed now, a typo in the variable name ^^; . I’ve had to make a change to the startup file so any saves you’ve made may not work now. Sorry about that.

This game is so cute :slight_smile: You’re just traveling with your best bud through the forest lol I love it


You wouldn’t make a very good frog. Is such a horribly dumb insult, I love it. I can’t wait to fit it into my everyday vernacular.


Knight is so precious and so is the mc lmao the responses where the mc is just so happy cheery makes me wanna squish their cheeks. really happy to see more of this.


that was a pretty lovely read

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Okay I’m officially that “I’ve only had knight for a day and a half but if anything happened to him I would kill anyone in this forest (except Nadia) and then myself,” meme. Seriously I don’t care what happen, if there is a way for knight to be happy I will take it, and if there is not I will cry so hard in this comment section that my virtual tears will shortcut the thread.

As for little things and advices I have :
Wish we could ask what each item did before choosing one when we give blood.
My worst fear with the blood thing wasn’t even that Nadia could do evil magic with it but how much would it hurt lmao. Wish we could be like half panicking half asking Knight for moral support lol Yes, I’m the kind of people that fan themselves with their hands while getting their blood drawn for very mundane reasons. So a razor would make me panic, but I need that object darn it !
That’s intriguing that we know so few of our protagonist ? I imagine it may be for plot reasons. I hope we will know soon why or get to shape it a little !


If knight doesn’t become a RO I’m going to be so damn sad… :face_holding_back_tears:


Im so glad you enjoyed it ^^ but sorry, there is no romance planned for Knignt or the MC.


I find that really cool personally ! Wip tend to be romance heavy or include it despit it not making sense in order to appeal to more people (nothing wrong with that, I’m just often sad that author have to force romance where it doesn’t belong or fit with anything) So I’m glad you decided to follow your own path. That mean the story will be able to explore other things, which I find refreshing !


This is pretty much me too now. :laughing:

I’m fine with there being no romance, to be honest, I really wish more games had a platonic life partner(s) relationship choice or put as much into the friendships as they do the romantic ones. :face_holding_back_tears:

And I only said it because it was a funny thought and plus you normally only see a really deep bond happen when romance/sex is added into the mix… :expressionless:

Also, I really love how you have written the dynamic the MC and him have going on so far and I can’t wait to see how it grows throughout the game especially now I know it’s going to companion dynamic. :laughing:


Me and Knight against the world!


Every replay just gets better and better! I can’t wait to see what’s next :slight_smile:

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I have found some typos. Mainly “where” instead of “were”. The idea has potential, knight is quite pleasant. Can’t put my finger onto Nadia, which makes me a bit queasy, but a witch’s help is help regardless of strings attached.

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Thank you! ^^ I’ll make a note to fix those for the next update!


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