The Fog Knows Your Name -- Step into the fog and confront your terror!

I myself have been enjoying helping Diego with his crush and playing the role of wingman. Granted, him asking my MC to be his wingman is akin to a blind man asking another blind man to read the directions on a map to figure out where they’re going, but that just makes some of the attempts just as amusing as that very MC looking out a telescope to make crack fiction about the lobstermen. :joy:


The game shames you and tries to embarass you a lot everytime you fail stats or choose the wrong option, intentionally exaggerating the flop. It’s annoying, but other than that, it looks good.


Like @Sel_Lee said, the game obligates you to be a good person; trying to be a strong person (if you choose that) but failing miserably. IN MY CASE

For me, it seems that the stats aren’t useful at all. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter if you choose all the options to be intimidating/strong, at the end, MC will behave like a coward.

The story is good, of course, but this problem is annoying and it doesn’t make me feel immersed in the game.


It’s 1:49 am and I finally finished this book. I wasn’t expecting to really like this one to be honest, but I guess I had a pleasant surprise. I specially like that you can feel the tension or the horror reading it, good job!

Unfortunaly, a thing that I didn’t like was that, even though Caleb was a RO, I don’t feel there’s enough moments with him. At the beginning of the story we hate his guts and then I was hoping to get to know him better, still, I didn’t get any romantic options with him and at the end I guess we’re just acquaintances? I don’t know if I’m the problem for telling Diego when he asked if I had a crush on somebody that “I didn’t but maybe I will in the future” , maybe that’s why I didn’t get too many scenes with him)? Anyway, putting this aside, I liked this book, keep up the good work :heart:


I feel like in my playthrough I didn’t feel cowardly or weak? My character was strong with the supernatural and had fairly balanced stats. If anything I made sure anything I did was dependent on the highest stats so I had a lower chance of failing.

For example, I was able to sever the possession over Ennis, Resurrect Rex, and peacefully calm the spirits of the fog. which I believe helped because of my relationship stats, kindness, and supernatural stats.

I have yet to play another way so maybe only this outcome worked best for me. :thinking:

Honestly when stats are used this heavily it can at times get annoying to see my character fail so harshly because their strength is at 60 when 70 is when they are able to pass that obstacle.


I felt the same way with Rex, but I feel even he had more available options of interactions, even as a ghost. :rofl:

The ending of his relationship was kind of lukewarm to the point I’m hoping for a sequel!

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I’m really happy of this game. Bought it as soon as possible after reading the demo since the last stories released weren’t really of my taste.
It’s really nice since Halloween is just around the corner and it really gave me some of the spooks I was looking for.
The romance was really nice even tho I get it wasnt the focus of the game and I’m happy it wasnt. The plot is just so damn interesting I wouldn’t have been mad if it didnt have romance at all!!
But as others said, the stats are a little weird for me but only for my first playthrough, the second one playthrough was smooth and accurate with my choices.
Good job, I hope to see more of this author and if its possible, a sequel :crazy_face:


Nice game and great story! .the characters are lovely, I’m wondering if Anuja will freak out if she sees me after so many years or what the others would think for that matter.
*by the way, I think I completed the mystery of the missing man and the exorcism but the objectives doesn’t seem to think so too. Maybe the method or choices I made makes the case quite incomplete yet and probably still have some complications that needs to be addressed?

I just finished and more in love with this…quick question though I was wondering if in relationships it could add your dating (insert name) cause it would help. :smiley: anyway I’m glad that it didnt make you be with an ro, it was my choice to romance caleb

Me too, I wanted it to be not thrown in my face ,and it did just that . I choose caleb and the story just fell into place as i progressed . I loved that and I love the creepiness of it all . I even 're played it and got new scenes I love that as well

I believe this game wanted to focus more on the horror aspects more than the romance. If the author ever did think of adding that it wouldn’t really help since there are about 3-5 scenes in the game with the RO of your choice and from what I read so far it doesn’t end with you getting into an official relationship.

When talking to Diego you can state who you like and a bit later in personal dialogue you can tell yourself that you like one or even several more people if you choose.

Does anybody know why the game is listed on the choice of games app via Amazon but it won’t let me purchase it?

Could u tell me how u were able to resurrect rex? its killing me I can’t figure it out :sob::sweat_smile:

For that I made sure I had a very high relationship stat with him and my occult skills were high. Make sure you also pick the options such as tethering his spirit to yours, any option allowing him to feel how it is to be human again, and always encouraging him.

I haven’t tried it in a friendship route, but in a romance where any time I had a chance to converse or help him I took it.


Lords I hope the author does more stories or makes a continuation of this one!!! Everything was so good, the tone, the writing, the characters and the rare option to be poly is always such a treat. Romancing polar opposites (Rex & Anuja) still feels natural and the little romantic scenes you get are so well integrated in a game about spirits and mystery!!


Hmm, a terrier that you can name Milou…
Is this a Tintin reference maybe?

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Just finished my first playthrough! I loved the atmosphere and characters a lot especially Addy and Kirill. I managed to solve the 3 major problems on my first playthrough which was a surprise. I can’t wait to play it again and see what my different choices affect. An excellent book and worth every penny.


Just finished my first playthrough and I must say I really enjoyed it despite horror not being my cup of tea normally.

Well, I died :laughing:
“Let’s try something new. Believe in the people”. I should’ve taken a more logical approach.

Let’s see how can I sum this game up…awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome yeah I think that about covers it