The Fight for Home (WIP) (UPDATED 7/30)

The Kingdom of Elmase is divided into small houses which have their own armies, leaders and symbols. You’re the warrior of House Elmert which is located in North. Everyone is living in peace until the people named called Savages come out. They occupied almost all of the lands in South.

Now, they are coming for North.

Houses and their rules
Houses are named after the first leader. The leader of a house is called Commander. Commanders are chosen by people.

They are the worst people in the world. They are well-trained warriors who love torturing, killing people, taking their home. Not only they are cruel, but also strong.

Romance Options
Commander Alexandria/Alexander of House Rodwell - He/she is the strong leader who cares about his/her people so much. He/she believes nothing can break him/her, but everyone has a weakness.

Alfie - He’s one of the strongest warriors of House Elmert. He’s stubborn, kind, and smart person.

Commander Athena of House Ravelino - She’s kind and gentle person, but she can be very cruel if you step on her toes. She never forgives betrayal.


Update 7/30

  1. More scenes are added.
  2. Stats screen is fixed.
  3. Typos/mistakes are fixed.
  4. New minor character is added.
  5. Saving system is added.

Let me know if there’s typo and/or mistake in this story. Thank you for your attention.


The demo was short to say anything but I think the story could develop into something good. :smile:





Pretty good story so far, here are some advices :
at the beginning you should’t say 80% of the South because it sounds too modern my advice is too change that to the majority of the South.
Also when you are talking with Alfie the choices i trust you, i don’t trust you are too simple. You could add an option to lie for example

i trust you
i don’t trust
i trust you (lie)

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Found an error in stats screen: choicescript_stats line 28: Non-existent variable ‘commander’

I hope you won’t mind me sharing a bit of criticism.

There’s not much content to make a judgement but I do think it’s interesting. I will say the whole theme of “mindless savages that only kill” thing is pretty cliche. It could use a bit of a twist to make it more interesting.

Overall it needs a bit more description, just to make it seem less generic. Maybe share a bit more about the cultures in the Kingdom between each house. Or info on where these ‘savages’ came from.

Obviously all of these details don’t need to be in the beginning, but as it stands the story needs a bit more flavor. A bit more detail and exposition would make the story pretty good. Good luck!


Damm i am seeing you in almost every WIP i follow


Yes, I know it’s cliche, but there will be some twists in the story.

Also, this a short demo, of course, I will give more information about Houses, Kingdom, Leader and Savages.

And I will fix that “Commander” error. I accidentally wrote The Commander that’s why this error shows up :smiley:

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Who seabean? well he/she is a very active person and usually offers valuable insights so i think it’s good that he/she is helping the WiPs you follow to grow.

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Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the point of telling lie You know, it won’t change the story. But I will add that option.

Yeah i know ( the same goes for you Dungeon Master i have seen you quite a lot ) Its just that seabean is writing my favorite WIP and i just find it nice to see an author i like in the same WIPs


Thank you.

Now we hand over the reigns of the thread back to banan and goes back to sleeping.


Could the savages be all the exiled lord and people i mean if they kill every one and dont reslly care it could be old exiled lords trying to get there land back

Just a idea or theory

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And why would people do their bidding when they are there because of some relative or likes of them

Sounds good… I won’t give you spoiler though.

Maybe they are just scared of them? Savages don’t hurt you if you do what they want.

Sounds plausible but scared how it’s not like they hold any power or something

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So far, I like it. I hope that soon we will be able to do some character development to personalize our MC.

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I mean some exiled lords still would have friends and maybe some of these ‘Savages’ are hired mercanaries. Someone who has a claim to these houses gets support from rich merchants and friends can easily raise a army also they control the south so they could conscript most of them and promise them unimaginable things

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That could be the case and it would certainly explain their bloodlust


You will find out :slight_smile:

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I liked demo! Looking forward to more.

Out of topic: can you tell me what your username means? :smiley:

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