The Fifteen Minute Writing Challenge

The goal of the 15 minute challenge is to just write as much as you possibly can in fifteen minutes, preferably pertaining to a project you are working on. It’s a little competitive push to get us writing.

Do not edit!
Do not delete!
Do not stress about what you have written!
Do not procrastinate!
Just write!

At 7pm GMT/8pm CET every day (apart from Tuesdays where we may start a little later) @Snowpanther and I will be challenging each other to see who can write the most words in fifteen minutes! (And also hope to get some work done on our respective projects.) I’m hoping to do this throughout November for Nanowrimo!

You can plan what you’re going to write. (I’ve found I work better if I’ve a rough idea of the scene I want to write) just don’t actually do any writing until the start time.

Once the fifteen minutes are up we paste a word count (as well as often a character and line count) and then we go and edit and add to whatever we’ve written.

Anyone who wants to is free to join us be it for one day or every day. No need to share your writing, we’re doing this on a trust basis.


@RenaB - 781
@Fiogan - 738
@Snowpanther - 700
@johannes_paulsen - 675
@FairyGodfeather - 656
@Eiwynn - 615
@Sashira - 451
@Scribblesome - 435
@Iris - 250


Just in time! Might as well give it a go!


Starting in 1 minute!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


And stop!!!


656 words:
3433 characters
45 Lines.


Words: 307. I’m a slow typer :stuck_out_tongue:


Words: 292 (grrr)

Char: 1644

Lines: (depends on how big is the window)


YAY!!! I win!!! Mwuahhahaa! Tomorrow though one of you can beat me!


I had NO inspiration, I did not plan this scene beforehand :stuck_out_tongue:


Hrm that’s weird, notepad+ is counting 706 words and 15 lines and 3433 characters. Wonder what’s causing the differences.

Tomorrow have an idea first! :slight_smile: I’d a vague idea, but I went stream of consciousness writing for Selene and some answers to questions I thought would be asked of her, and some explaining of motivations. It was fun!

I’m sure with practice and planning we’ll watch our line counts increase!

@Scribblesome That’s good for a first attempt, just jumping in with five minutes warning! :slight_smile: Join us tomororw!


Contractions, probably. Most programs agree and count things like “you’re” or “it’s” as two words (“you + are” or “it + is”), and “can’t” (“cannot”) as one.

I think the difference arises in harder cases the programs can’t distinguish between. Like “girl’s”: it could be two words (“girl + is”) or it could be one (in the genitive case, “the girl’s jacket”, where the “'s” doesn’t stand in for another word). One program might always count cases like these as two words, another always as one word, since the programs aren’t able to tell the difference.

So that’s one case where the discrepancies in word counting could come from, there are no doubt others.


Three minutes to go!

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Argh, thanks for telling me! I didn’t notice!

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527 words
2809 characters


Alas! I went out! I thought I’d have plenty of time to get home! Unfortunately I didn’t! I FAIL!

I’ll do my challenge at 8pm.


Words: 379
Better than yesterday! (just don’t ask about the quality :sweat_smile:
Well done @Snowpanther!


YAY!!! @Scribblesome you did better! And each day you’ll get better too! And we don’t ask about the quality! It’s just the word count that matters.

Well done @Snowpanther looks like you won today!


Don’t look at the quality either.

Just some random thoughts and bits of dialogues!

So full of anger!

Yes! I won!

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I joined in today. 451 words - it would’ve been more, but I just couldn’t help editing. :smile: The challenge time is noon here, so this is a nice start to my writing time.



I bet you’ll win next time, if you did that while editing! :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY!!! Congrats Sashira! You did well! Bad editing! Stop that! You can edit it afterwards. :slight_smile:

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