The Eyes of Westerhollow [WiP] - Prologue *(Sneaky Tumblr Update)

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t notice it either until just now, and I’ve read that scene several times by now :sweat_smile:

Although I do like The Passenger, I think I like The Eyes of Westerhollow more! I don’t know why, honestly :sweat_smile:

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Oh oh my that’s a huge compliment! :flushed: But I wouldn’t want to compare them to be honest. As far as I can tell, Pime has very different intentions with her story, and doing an amazing job at it.

But I’m very glad you like Westerhollow though, even with the miniscule size of the teaser. :sweat_smile: I can’t wait to finish up chapter 1 and properly introduce all the characters to you all.


In-between trying to get out of our moving boxes, and sprinting to finish up a ridiculously complicated animation for my freelance work, I find myself greatly missing to immerse myself into my own little world of Westerhollow. So, I set up a meager little Tumblr page for you to submit your questions to. :blush:

I know the Demo is still very short and there might not be a whole lot to inspire any significant amounts of questions yet, but please, any questions you might have, ask away! I can’t wait to dive back into writing and in the meantime I am aching to share whatever little insights I can afford. I won’t reveal any significant spoliers, but I will do my best to satiate your curiousities regardless, so don’t hesitate to ask!