The early church

So my comparative religion class did something that surprise me. It made me genuinely emotionally and intellectually appreciate for Abraham faiths. I will thank my teacher and Huston Smith Religions of the World for that. I don’t know if I want to start on the third century of the church or all way back to the beginning When it was very much underground cult with no clear dogma insight. I want the player to be able to play lineage if starts during the the third century it will be during the crisis or if start at the being of the faith then during Augusta rules. I want the player to become being off as a Greco Roman pagan with ambition for social mobility. I want to show different people viewed Christians at this time and through out the centuries. And the different interpretations that shot up. I want to show the appeal of Faith during time period and risks of practice during a bad Emperor reign. I want to be to one part life sim another part of philosophical and the metaphysical exploration of the The religion, and third part showing the strange historical evolution of it. And something else we really don’t grow up with or know much about it and contemporary society the mysticism of it which today you it really only see in the Orthodox branches since it encouraged still.


Good luck to you with the whole religion writing for your story. Religion and its evolution can be pretty interesting.

Though I know that tends to be a category that I often don’t even bother with a lot of times or I only mentioned in passing which tends to make a lot my own fantasy settings strangely non-religious (unless it’s a fanatical cult or something).

The one time I focused on a truly religious protagonist I found it to be a chore and quite frankly unfun to write. Ultimately I think I did a good job of it, but it isn’t something that I’d really want to do again.

Still, with my current Rogues story I’m trying to incorporate more religious aspects into the fantasy world to fill it out a bit more, even if the protagonist isn’t prone towards religion (But can possibly become more so depending on the path)


I am person fan of the Advaita Vedanta school of thought, but with this in mind I intern can see the appeal of Christiany. Which it is this imagine something that’s eternal The on uncomprehendible unknowable Eternal. Put it loved you so much that it penetrated space and time to be born to live and die like the rest of us, so It can know are suffering because that’s how much it love us. It took the church fathers for Four hundred years to deify Jesus yet there were unwilling to compromise his humanity. Because trust that there was huge the debated over the nature of Christ, asking what is he, and he was never really clear about it himself. You never once asked to be worshiped, yeah I have a very hard time figure out what he’s thinking because he shows no Ego only compassion. Something him and Siddhartha both have in common. The main differences is that Siddhartha had 40 years of ministry Jesus we don’t know if he had 10 months to three years of ministry. Siddhartha clearly stated he not god. That did not stop people from making him one. To the specially during that time. When religion was so vital and you argue still it. During that time period The only way you’re going to find answers was through philosophy or religion and neither were mutually exclusive. And since in contemporary society we grow up with people with weak dogma and never try to intellectual explain and reason the faith or rarely see people the practice it with grace of course we’re going to have bitter taste in are mouth about it. Because those people we fuck up a lot we missed the mark and we screwup good things and that can be anything.

…I don’t think you have any idea of what you’re getting into.

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I do! Have you ever tried reading second century apologetics… all I can say is I’m thankful that I know ancient philosophy and formal logic. The diversity of the early church is kind of nuts but also we have only so much historical information. I’m wondering should I slowly and gently railroad the player down the path of trinitarianism. I was fan not until of the trinity until I realize how complicated and convoluted the damn thing was. Love has never been more complicated.

Hmm, well If you treat it with the respect it deserves, then I can’t really say anything besides good luck. In something this delicate I would say railroading is probably the worst thing anyone can do. The Church only really started to diversify, when it was actually declared legal to be a Christian. But… From your first post I might have misjudged what you were trying to do, so I apologize for that. It’s clear your passionate about this… So go for it. :smile:

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My Friend the church was very diverse even more diverse before it was legal. Because they were still really hammering out the theology, at the same time it stopped evolving.

And it’s super intimidating because of convoluted esoteric and very complex. On top of the fact that I would have to understand it and the intellectual thought of the day and the perspective of the average person. The reason why Greco-Roman religions and the mystery cult did not survive was very few people generally practice then outside stately functions. The worship was Hollow and dead. Same reason why both Buddhism and Christianity spread so well is so that showed compassion to their fellow man.