The Changeling Exchange - WIP updated July 2,2021

This is so amazing I love it so much especially with the whole Josie and Tyler scene I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much it was so great


Okay this was AMAZING I can’t. If you don’t have a Tumblr yet…you should. I will send asks all day


I honestly feel like josie/tyler is a slight bit over the top.

I also wish we could comfort Josie after that whole thing even if she wouldn’t accept it I feel like my mc would try.

Who is Tyler supposed to be? I had originally thought the prince, but apparently not? If he’s Raf, wow his personality underwent a major overhaul.


Not the creator, but I think he’s just some random guy. Maybe. Doesn’t feel like Rayf to me, anyway…it would be really strange. But maybe it is and there’s some explanation for it. I mean, living in a new world, who’s to say that external factors won’t change someone’s personality?


Thanks so much! No Tumblr, tbh I’m too lazy lol. And you are correct, Tyler and Madison are randoms that unfortunately get caught in your accidental bursts of magic.


Oh I’m so glad. haha I was like wow, modern life has really changed him. I thought he was someone from our past because of the way he was reacting with the kissing. Hmm. Think I’m still confused by that part then


Is Tyler a RO though cuz you know I love the kiss lollllllll :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


I have been on CoG for a couple of years now. Don’t comment very often but this story has me having to say that it is AWESOME!!. I love the characters, the story is well written and the interchange between the various characters is believable. I am really looking forward to future updates on this story.


Wow, that one was great!
I always like the fae themes, and I enjoy the various depictions of changelings, depending on the work.
Not to mention, it’s always great to have one of these games written in first person. I so much prefer that!

I was a bit worried about the amnesia thing, because that’s something that stresses me out immensely, and makes me very unconfortable, but fortunately that was solved very early on.

Also, I have a question, since I’m wondering about one thing that happened.

Once the Earth part starts, after the first choice, I got this part at some point:
“Suddenly, in a rare moment of post-dream lucidity, a word ricochets around my head and I immediately grab the diary on my nightstand to write it down before it evaporates. Nax. I write it down quickly, examining the three letters that already seem foreign and meaningless. I know just seconds ago I knew exactly what the word meant, but now it just looks like nonsense.”
But the option I’ve selected was a boy with a dragon, so I’m unsure if Nax is the default one here, or if it’s a mistake.

Also wondering why the kiss seems to give strenght if Tyler is a random dude.

Oh and also, I think it would be nice to have a relationships page in the menu. If you don’t want to reveal the relationship/romance status with each character, that’s okay too, but it’s always nice to have a page dedicated to who the MC knows - and even better if it lists what the characters look like and stuff like that.


I get that. it is still pretty vague… but I feel confident in saying nax has the answers you’re looking for in next update!

No, but he (or Madison depending on your preferences) may be useful and that’s all I can say for now cuz… spoilers.

I’m really sorry you feel that way. It was meant to convey an absolute openness toward sexuality in the clan, like it would be more strange not to do it. As a gay boy who has been punched too many times for hitting on the wrong guy, I thought it would be actually refreshing to wear your sexuality openly. I say this in no way to diminish your comment, and the ceremony hasn’t even happened yet, so I’ll think on it.

Nax is the default, the consequences of the dream choice are still forthcoming :smirk:. Also relationship stats exist but I kept them hidden cuz I’m still tweaking them. Stats in general are a bit out of control right now and something I need to refine.


I personally thought it was a creative way to customize sexuality in the game! It makes a lot of sense as a facet of a tribal-like, Fae clan culture :slight_smile:


Re: wearing it on your skin, it is temporary, right? And presumably voluntary. Its something worn for an evening or so, not for the next hundred years.


That’s right, the text even mentions it is temporary and subject to change over time. In my head I sort of equate it to a dance… you’re gonna dance with someone in public. Only here you’re going to be celebrated for whoever you dance with. :man_shrugging:t3:


Hmm personnaly I don’t see anything bad with the face paint thing, but I guess I get the point of the people who are bothered? Maybe making the paint an optional thing and allowing the player to make choices like “I’m interested in women/men only / in both, but I don’t feel like showing it to people just like that” is the way to go, yeah… Cause well, it’s a shame that it makes some people unconfortable, but it would be just as bad (or in my opinion, worse) to remove it altogether. I think it’s an interesting tradition, and I do agree on the fact it shows the openness of the community about that.
But then again, I’m very open to all sorts of things in stories, and when I myself write, I can portray very crude and cruel traditions sometimes, so I’m rarely bothered by anything. I just think of it as a tradition of whatever world a story is set in, and I accept it.

But everyone has their sensitive topics or pet peeves, nothing to do about that. I for example have a very hard time standing amnesia related themes. It makes me extremely unconfortable and stressed out.

Fortunately the amnesia plot of this game was solved very fast, from a player’s point of view, so that’s okay.


The scene has not happened, no one has been forced to do anything other than speculate in order to set sexuality preference for plot purposes. Until I actually write the scene, I’d prefer to end this discussion. Not everyone may be comfortable with it, and that’s okay, but maybe wait and see how the scene actually goes.


Interesting so far. I am going to watch this WIP carefully.

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Wooow I’m in loveee :heart_eyes_cat:, so excited for the next update :fire:
Wish u the best :relaxed:


Wow this is incredible I loved it from start to finish

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Oh I absolutely loved this. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


I love it! :heart:
I certainly will be looking forward to this!