The Caged Songbird

Damn, I would’ve already fallen for Dr. Hemlocks trap and handed Jace a poisoned sandwich as a “peace offering”.


Jace to me is guy how may back stab T for fun that feeling to him and feel like hate his guts


You know, now that I think about it :thinking:, with this description, Westley kind of reminds me of Dragon Age Origins…


don’t give me back my feeling you going to make me cry :cry::disappointed_relieved::yum:

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If I may ask something about the powers:
Will the mc be able to control them in the future? From not being toxic at all to controlling what type of toxin they produce (example, from a poison that coagulates the blood -like snakes, aka the deadly version- to a toxin that can paralyze a target for a while)? I’m so loving this game, it has super power angst, prison break, romantic drama, everything really!

Hmmm, so basically, taking a bath in the prison’s main water supply would be bad, I’m guessing. Wait, T feeds the mc with his fork -but if I remember correctly doesn’t eat after that- on his route, so if the saliva turns out to be poisonous wouldn’t that make them sick, should they share utensils like that. I’m so worried about T now


LOVE IT SO FAR :heart:
especially N Im a sucker for flirty types full of angst


I love it! This is so good. The prison, the numbers and the powers reminds me of Nanbaka :star_struck:


but this time we get out and we hate this place


what got you to make the caged songbird


hi i just registered here to tell you: WOW !!! you really did that huh?? you really created this whole plot with your brilliant AND talented mind huH??? i love everything and almost everyone. thanks for creating this beautiful wip ily


Sorry for the late replies guys! Been a little busy lately.

It was part of the inspiration since I really liked that game but the bigger inspiration was my love for X-Men and Rogue.

Ahh I didn’t think about that. I do love Dragon Age Origins but it was mainly planned that way because I’m a horrible person who likes angsty/one-sided romances.

Yes! Throughout the game the MC will learn how to control their power and be able to choose what kinds of toxins they can want to use in certain scenarios.

Hahaha yeah I wrote that before I even decided whether the MCs saliva was toxic or not but don’t worry about T, they’ll be ok…maybe. :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve never seen that anime but it sounds interesting!

Um well I’ve always liked writing stories, although at first it was mainly fan fiction that I would put out into the world :laughing: I also have a bunch of ideas thrown into a notebook of stories I would like to write someday, The Caged Songbird was kind of made based off of little bits and pieces of ideas I’ve gotten throughout the years and the big main inspirations are basically things that people have mentioned on here. X-men and Code Realize were huge influences.

Awww thank you so much for this beautiful message! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to register on here to write me something like this! :heart:


Loving the demo so far, especially Westley. Are you surprised at how many people want him as a romance? It’s probably for the best that he isn’t though, guard/prisoner relationships are typically frowned upon :sweat_smile:


What if, if/when we manage to get out, romance with Westley might open up, given the right circumstances, of course. :thinking: He might simply be aware of the fact that you are a prisoner and he a guard, and it is against code (personal and/or otherwise)?

Just a thought that ran by my minds mailbox and slipped in it surreptitiously.


dont know if this was already asked how much hazardous is MCs breath?

1— like prolongued exposure and staying too long with mc in a small closed sapce may be dangerous

2— highly hazardous breathe near and shit might happen(why not using a mask? )

3— whatever it is it dies pretty fast once its dies fast once its out the body or reacts with the air or whatever.



…I was not thinking of flatulence here at all, nope. :grimacing:

If I did, then I blame Farscape! :laughing:


Just a small update~!
The past couple of weeks have been a little rough so it’s been hard to get any writing done, thankfully I’ve finally been able to pick up the pace these past few days and have finally finished chapter 2. So expect a demo update soon!

Once again sorry for the super late replies!

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it so far! lol I really am surprised he is so well liked but at the same time I know I shouldn’t be since he’s a sweetheart. I actually hadn’t thought about the guard/prisoner relationship aspect of it. :laughing:

That is a good thought/point. I’m still so torn whether he should become a RO option in the future lol.


  1. If it was 2 or 3, I doubt Dr. Hemlock would have them freely running around in the facility. :laughing:

Wrong number combination


I want to seduce Ebony



So this popped up on me today...

Also, I was wondering if it’s at all possible for us not to tell what’s her face who our crush is? I mean, like have the player know (and choose) the character they like, but decide to keep it a secret?

And could you add Westley in the list? Even if we can’t actually romance him, I think it might be fun to see what that girl’s reaction would be if she found out a prisoner might have a crush on a guard :smirk:. You could also use it as a diversion tactic so that the MC doesn’t actually tell her who they like :wink:


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