The Bread Must Rise—Spice up a baking contest with necromancy!

That’s what I thought! I pulled out the aunt twice and nothing lol. Also that was a very funny scene! The game is very different in a good way. The mix of food and other worldly evil acutely go great together.


Just dropping in to post this photo of a half eaten croissant. Why? No reason…


So basically you’re telling us we’re doomed?

Oh well, at least it wasn’t a half-eaten brownie.


I think if you start eating a brownie, you’re morally obligated to finish it. Unless maybe it was cruelty free…


Doom! Doom! Sorry mood I mean.

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I was able to make the chupacabra sweat on the first try, but I had breadcraft above 70%, so maybe you missed 1% for the stat check unfortunately. The Cross-Aunt was tremendously effective!


That’s unfortunate! Most of my stats where in the 50s while my breadcraft was the highest.

I took a look at the code and tried to reproduce the bug earlier, and couldn’t get the chupacabra to vanish while I was still in the store. Is that still happening? (It’s tracked by a time variable that doesn’t go down until you’ve started baking, so if so I’ll need to look into things more and figure out what’s up!)

@Graviton is correct about the required stats values for the first attempt–it’s hard to do it first thing.

I added a bit of code in which gives you a bit more of a heads up about your success chances and lets you back out, which I just sent to @jasonstevanhill a minute ago. Once that’s in, I’ll let you know!

If anyone wants spoilers, the stats you need on each attempt are below:

first attempt: 70 or more points in speechcraft, breadcraft, honesty, or sweetness
second attempt: 64 or more points in speechcraft, breadcraft, honesty, or sweetness
third attempt: 59 or more in speechcraft breadcraft, honesty, or sweetness

@black , are you still having trouble with this? If you can send me a DM with more info I can see what’s up. (FWIW I tested this afternoon and was able to place first in that round with 81 strength, 63 speechcraft, 59 baking mastery, 55 breadcraft, 27 carb free, and 34 necromancy.)


I’ll try it again nd see what happens. Ik knew I should have waited before trying to sweat him lol

I played the demo, its hilarious so far and I really like the insults :rofl:

So I know the main focus isn’t romance but what are the options and how funny are they?


The ROs are the queen undying, Tira Misu, Fondant, Abnatio, and Bouma. They’re rather hard to get, but I recommend Fondant’s route. It’s both funny and surprisingly sweet. (Fondant trying not to be insulting is just as funny as Fondant being insulting, I promise.)


The queen, Tira, and Bouma aren’t overtly comedic as romantic partners in most cases, I don’t think. Romancing Fondant and Abnatio isn’t always comedic but it can get… weird in some instances, depending on choices you’ve made. Lol

You actually can successfully romance Fondant while still tossing insults at him, or at least that was my intent when I made it possible to soften him up a bit, but I’m not sure how hard it is to succeed at that.

I’m also super curious how many people have unlocked the “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” achievement, which is for reaching one of the “hatemance” routes in chapter 7-- there’s one route for each romanceable character! But only the one achievement.


Because I have nothing better to do with my life, I actually tried the vanilla cupcake recipe the mc uses, and it works.

Note; I did use greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and half cream and half water instead of milk because I didn’t have that stuff on hand. Shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I also tried baking it at 350°F for 20 minutes, but I think they would be better at like 15. Then again I don’t have a skull oven.

They tasted good, but I personally think the texture could be improved on. It wasn’t crumbly or delicate, instead having large holes and a spongy consistency. Kind of reminds me of a mug cake. I think having less baking powder and completely replacing the oil with more butter would help because I tried creaming the butter and sugar together, but there wasn’t enough butter and that wasn’t doing anything. More butter means you can properly cream it with sugar which adds air to the cakes and you won’t need as much baking powder, which is what I think gave it the off texture.

Fun to play and bake though.


You are very brave. :joy:

Presumably you also remembered to preheat the oven! 15 minutes for most playthroughs is probably not 15 minutes at 350. :laughing:

@jdbeamo (whose forum address I finally sussed out!) will have to confirm this, but I think the cupcake, bread, and baked Alaska recipes should be cookable (except for the obviously unreal stuff like Chupacabra sweat/spores, etc.).

I know I did spend a little time looking up carb free brownie recipes, but we sidestepped that one anyway due to the carb free takeover meaning you don’t buy ingredients. (And the cake recipe in c10 is the same as the cupcake recipe from c2.)

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I imagine the lack of non-vegetarian brownie recipes was terribly frustrating.

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Oh, you’d be surprised. :joy:

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I’m thrilled you actually baked the recipes! I did source them, but I largely put together 2 recipes I thought were the most exciting. I love this report from the field!


Hey, since you’re here, I hope you don’t mind my asking … Do you have a website or bookstore that sells signed copies of your books?

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I wish, Aletheia! I’ve always been on the “Oh, you want me to sign? Awesome!” side of the game


Well, if that ever changes, please come back and let us know. Or if you ever come to New Mexico on a book tour, but of course I’m kidding: book tours never come to New Mexico. :weary:

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