The Bread Must Rise—Spice up a baking contest with necromancy!

Maybe a signed bookplate or insert?

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Oooooh, I really like that idea!

By the way! I totally forgot to mention that @jdbeamo and I wrote a shorter tie-in game for IFComp this year.

That’s called One Does Not Simply Fry and, yes, it’s full of Lord of the Rings puns and riffs. Gorgon, Tira, and Argyle are in it, and one of the contestants is a loaf of bread but otherwise it’s not connected to the main game. Also, giant volcano!

You can check that out at the link below–it’s free to play!

(And a tip of the hat to beta tester @Fiogan, who wanted more Argyle, and another beta tester whose forum name I don’t know but who asked for more outlandish settings than a standard Bake-Off kitchen!)


Help! This game is sooo good but I keep losing all the time. Also, I have no idea how to romance Tira. I even played as an explicitly evil PC (who was soft for Tira) and still didn’t manage it. The game had me in splits the entire time. I can’t believe I spent so long playing as vegetarian or vegan. The brownie slaughter in the omnivore playthrough was awe-inducing! And if you choose to free them, you get a nifty group of allies in your war against the Bread. I wish Clay were an RO though. I just wanna go to Philly with him and sell Chimichanga 2.0s to everyone.


Unusually, the ROs in this game have slightly different relationship thresholds for a successful romance, and Tira’s is one of the higher ones. I wasn’t able to succeed in romancing them either.

As for Clyde, back off, he’s mine. Er, I mean, it’s nice to see my favorite character getting some love! By the way, it actually is possible to end up in Philly with him in the end!

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Hahahaha! I love how popular Clay is. In my first playthrough, I actually did manage to get to Philly with him and Bouma since I wasn’t confident I could defeat the Bread. (I wasn’t romancing Bouma, I just had a great friendship with them as we’d joined together to attempt to take down the corrupt city council.) Unfortunately, my PC wasn’t able to romance Clay in that playthrough. Even though I really, really tried! Even the writing told me to get a grip when I tried to have my PC visit Clay, instead of one of the others, during the lockdown.

Ah, dammit, so no Tira for me? :pleading_face: Unless I mod the files. But somehow every time I try, the game bugs out, which is understandable.

Okay one last question, my sourdough boys keep failing at the end against the people trying to feed PC the croissant. Any idea how high our breadcraft would need to be to actually succeed there?

I love the game but it’s stats are very complicated. They should have checkpoints so we can replay chapters, especially since some stuff is a matter of life or death.