The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Kings (Create Your Own NPC Wrestler Update 13-10-2020)

I’ve just started work on a game which I foresee is part of a very long series and I very much hope that I am able to see this through because my imagination is currently bubbling.

The title of the series is the Blackthorne Chronicles and the title of this particular one is The Kings(Title still needs work).

So I haven’t posted an update since because am having imagination problems, not writer’s block but that I have too big an imagination. So getting to decide what to include and what not is a big problem for me.


You are you, a King; not a literal King but your surname is King, and in both the entertainment and business industry, it is a very big name. A lot is expected from you and one good way to start living up to these expectations professionally is by applying for the Quest for Talents Reality Show by RAW(Relentless Action Wrestling). Can you meet up to these expectations or will the burden be too much for you?

  • 10th of July, 2020
    Added Prologue
  • 13th of October, 2020
    Modified Prologue

Blackthorne Chronicles

I would love this to be very interactive, and one way of doing that is by directly involving you guys. I will like if you guys create your own wrestler in the given form
-Real Name
-Ring Name
-Wrestling Style(Can be seen below)
-Real-life Personality(flirty, shy, bold)
-Signature Moves(optional)
-Look(hair, eye, bodytype, etc)

N.B.: The Signature Moves and Finisher will consist of the name of the move and what the wrestler names it.(e.g. Attitude Adjustment(Fireman Carry Takeover), Roode Bomb(Fireman’s Carry Slam), etc)

Your Character could be the RAW Heavyweight Champion, RAW World Champion, or even the Owner of RAW. And you can totally create more than one wrestler. I will be very happy if you guys can contribute to this.

Wrestling Style
  1. Brawler
    The Brawlers are the hard-hitting wrestlers and one of the toughest guys in the game. They are famously known for their fatal punches and kicks, and they can also take as much as they can give.

  2. High-Flyer
    The High-Flyers are the daredevil, gravity-defiers and the risk-takers in the business. They put their bodies on the line and ensure that the audience has the greatest time of their lives.

  3. Technician
    The Technicians are the masters of the mat, kings of submission and basically the best mathematicians in the field. They ensure they take down their opponents in the ring and once you are on the mat, the real trouble begins. They always ensure to wear down their opponents and ensure that they tap out.

  4. Powerhouse
    The Powerhouses are the true gladiators in the ring. They make use of all the raw power, strength and endurance in their arsenal, and unleash a godlike fury on their opponents. They have a humongous arsenal of grappling offences and are not afraid to use it to destroy their opponents.

  5. Showman
    The Showmans are the real entertainers, their main aim is to ensure the audience is out of their seat and cheering endlessly. They go to any length to please the audience and they are the only ones who can jump off a twenty-feet high steel cage, just for their FANS.

  6. Hardcore
    The Hardcores are the unfathomable monsters and disastrous whirlwind’s in the ring. They tear through their opponents and make them feel real pain, the other fearful thing about them is that they also feel no pain.

The best thing is that you can totally create your own wrestling style, as long as it is a very good one😜

Thanks in advance for your contributions


@PrismaticSpace The errors have been corrected

I was required to choose a tattoo location after I chose not to have a tattoo. There was an error when I chose technician wrestling style.
beginning line 262: Non-existent variable ‘grappling’

what is this story about? wrestling? actor? business? like WWE?
or kingdom building?


It’s definitely not about kingdom building, it’s mainly about wrestling.



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Solved, thanks.

Well, I’m always down for a good fighting game. Curious to see where this will go.


It seems stressful that fans of the parents are monitoring MC.

After filling the form, you start to think of your life’s journey until this moment. From your academics to the physical training given to you by your parents and personal fitness trainer, Brooklyn Gagnon - who is a super-wrestler and a very good friend of my mom.

It was no surprise to anyone when you joined the wrestling association, it was what every on expected from ‘The Avatar’ .

Even though you didn’t only learn about guns since there a lot of other ranged weapons, you focused mainly on guns, from pistols to the rifles to the snipers and to the big boys in the business. You also know everything about them and their accessories, the new deals in the business and one big fact, you also collect guns - a very large collection which you have the license to. Are you sure you choose this skill?

Life mostly deals with choices and you have made yours, no matter how bad or good your choices might have been. In life,e there is no second chance, if only we all found hit the restart button. But now you have made your choices and only you have to deal with the repercussions.

um question what are guns doing in a wrestling game thats confusing. :confused:

When you are asked what your Mc does other than wrestling? You are not forced to choose the guns choice

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble would it be possible to add a bit of a description to wrestling styles to make it a bit easier to understand what that entails

That would be added.

Explaining now would ruin the surprise.

@fisheye Thanks for the observations, they all will be corrected


The progress of this game is truly astonishing! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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I can’t find the link for the demo

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It is under link in the first post, but I’ll put it here too.

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