The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


It’s like a fiesta up in here.


Gave this wip a try. And I was pleasantly surprised by how the story was written and I like your take on it! Would love to see more of this!


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Restarted work on the game! I don’t think part two will be done next month, because I’m doing CS Comp, but June…? Probably!

edit: OHH! I think I’ll post some snippets when I get home in a few days. Any characters or scenarios you’d like to see?

@Black_Wraith_Panthom I’m sure you don’t mean anything bad by this (I don’t expect you to read every post, after all!) but these sort of comments irritate me. Awhile back I said I wouldn’t be responding to gender questions, but since the thread just reopened I’ll say it again.

I’m not gonna make a male option. Stop asking and complaining.


As repetitive as that question is, the rageface is sort of funny.


The first time MC is alone with the Beast. :relieved: It has to be very interesting because they (Beast) don’t talk, if my memory is not failing. And I’m assuming the MC has to figure things out.

Also, welcome back!! :smile: :tada:


Cool, I can continue writing with this character.

Being so out of craps to give is just such a relaxing state of mind. Just sitting around, no needs, no expectations. Being able to just accept every terrible thing that happens because you’ve given up all hope of anything good ever happening to you…
Maybe I should just be this way all the time.


I would love this scene.
I can just imagine my MC and the beast unintentionally getting into a contest to see who can go the longest period of time without saying anything.
I mean, it’s not like I have anything important to say, probably just best to be quiet. Don’t want to annoy him. Maybe if the lack of dialogue makes him cold he’ll light up the fireplace, it would be a nice change from the outside. Not that I’d mind if he didn’t. At least the castle is properly insulated, that’s really more than I could expect from my situation, especially seeing as how it’s immediately after the prologue.
Nothing good ever comes from being in a prologue. It’s my own fault for being in one.

Another neat scene, though maybe not in the first chapter, would be if the town decides to throw a fit and send somebody to demand they let the MC go. After all, the MC was either A) the mayor’s soon-to-be mistress or B) a really good hunter for the village. They’d probably at least put in a token effort, maybe write up a petition and hand-deliver it to the Beast.
Or maybe sneak into the castle where the MC runs into them in the garden, and then something happens.

Not that I’d hold it against them if they didn’t send anyone. I mean, beasts are pretty scary, and being pheasants in the medieval era it would probably be setting the bar too high by expecting any amount of bravery or self-sacrifice from them.

(…It’s so good to be back.)


YAY!!! I will have to tell @_l1ttleliar, this game holds a special place in our hearts :heart:


True, it was then I first noticed Lizzy :heart: Thank you for that @iris :blush:
I´m really glad this WIP is back, everytime we speak about WIPs we like this get on the list!


its personal opinion.

I usually dont ask for gender options as long as there is atleast a male/female option.


I thought its a "sad/helpless face raising hands to express why! Why did this happen?!)


It’s not! They don’t have human vocal chords.

That’s a good choice though, I’ll put some of one of the scenarios in my snippets.

@Interestedparty Yay, these again! I’m not sure if I put in a silent stand off… I’ll be sure to now if I didn’t before!

Hope I’m done by June! I had to redo my code (because it sucked and wasn’t a sensible way to tell the story) and got sick of looking at it, but I’m interested again and have better ideas this time around.

Also, any scenes outside the castle will not be in part two.

@Lizzy & @_l1ttleliar I didn’t know you were dating!!! Oh my goodness!!!


We just celebrated 6 months this last Saturday :heart:

And my offer to help you any way I can with this still stands! With the new movie out I have been pining for this WIP :grin:


I can think of a few male-locked stories and WIPs off the top of my head, so a female one is actually delightfully surprising! Jumping into the demo now, and I’m really excited to see how it is.


@Lizzy & @_l1ttleliar

You two made me d’aaawww. Made my day. ty ty





I’m looking forward to enjoying any update you throw out. Hope everything is going well and you meet your expected goals, the way you desire.

Does not surprise me.


Looking forward to seeing where this goes. The choices are fun and I liked interacting with the sisters