The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


@Lizzy Not going to lie, watching the movie (twice) is what got me back on my game again. I live for magic castles, Lizzy, I LIVE for them!

And you’re too sweet! When I finish the second chap I’ll definitely have you beta :kissing_heart:

@teddybears Yeah, the only other one I can think of is Guenevere and… Guenevere. Yeah, there’s not many :sweat_smile: I hope you enjoyed the demo, though!

@AlexMunkachy Thank you very much! Writing choices is easy, but thinking them up is hard!


I got home a few days ago and it totally slipped my mind that I’d promised some snippets! Sorry for the delays. Jetlag, amirite???

This is actually a pretty tricky one to put down, because there are like… threeeeee (???) ways you can remeet the beast, so here’s part of a conversation you can have with them in the most common meeting because I think that’s sort of what you were after.

Some requirements for this version: at least one point in ‘fearful’, either a fox or a lion beast, and having your character actually get dressed.

#"Where are we going?"
The beast’s ears swivel and it’s black eyes shine with relief. Have you finally asked something it can answer?

It settles itself with purpose and sends a long look to the left, down a hallway washed with light, before it points it’s nose to the ground. It’s paw dabs at the tiles, once, twice, like it’s digging for something, before it opens it’s maw wide and… eats it?

It looks up at you expectantly. Do you understand? It’s eyes ask. You don’t, but you find yourself nodding anyways. You think the beast would smile if it could, but the memory of it’s flashing dagger teeth makes you rather glad it can’t.

I can do one or two more if anyone is interested!


I always want more, I’m greedy like that! :yum:


Haha, I feel like this one would interest you, Lizzy! It’s probably as spoiler-y as I’m going to get… Perhaps I’ll stop here, before I reveal too much! :kissing_heart:

Requirements for this version: female beast, and, uh… being agreeable???

The cicadas are singing. It isn’t summer.

A warm wind wafts your hair into a whirl, and your eyes open in a gray haze. Where are you? There’s a wall of roses and above it a low, red sun. Somewhere near you is the twinkling of water. You hear, you see, but you don’t feel. Why? Are you dreaming? Yes, that feels right. You’re dreaming. You are.

You turn, because you must, and behind you is a marble fountain. On it sits a figure robed in red, their face tilted towards the petals swirling on the surface. The figure looks up, not at you, but through you, and… it’s the woman from the painting.

This is wrong, you realize, before the world washes away like watercolors.


Sounds like me alright lol I love it!


Look at that alliteration! Are you a poet? Its delicious~
Just imagining encountering this is enough to set me off~Take me oh beast! (Ah well, it already has.)


I got you, bae.

I like to think that I’m a poet! Which is to say… No, but I’m super flattered you asked.

Alliteration is my guilty pleasure, and while I’m aware I do too much of it, I honestly just can’t help myself. There’s something so satisfying about focusing on a sound or two and beating them to the ground. :sparkling_heart:


It comes from growing up in constant rain. “pitter-patter”


Snippets yay :heart_eyes:

“You don’t,but you find yourself nodding anyways.”

aka me af everyday in Financial Mathematics. :joy: Yep :sob:


Oh man, this was brilliant! The writing is excellent, and so well done for the setting and theme.

I can’t wait to find out more! I really liked the personalities there were- I played my MC as curious about what’s going on, but still worried and caring for her family- it was nice to get the option to play that, rather than just being stuck to playing curious or caring :slight_smile:


@Eiwynn I thought that’s what made us depressingly polite and passive aggressive?

@ThoseCatsAintLoyal I haven’t written what you say when you’re more assertive, yet, and I almost don’t want to. That line makes me laugh too much.

@Seraphinite Hurray! I’m so glad you think so! Hearing that from someone who’s character creation methods I admire brings me a lot of joy. In the very beginning of this game’s development, I was using a personality system slightly similar to the one I’d seen in The Lady’s Choice demo! :wink:


So, you’re from perfidious Albion too @Eiwynn?

The ultimate manifestation of the passive-aggressive deal being that Brexitland thing you’ve got going on right now?:thinking:


They are from Washington state, not the UK, it rains a lot there


@Lizzy has the truth of it - we’ve broken records this year with our rain

Although my ancestry is British - from the Yorkshire area (which means there most likely is Dane and Norse involved somewhere too) …


Hmmm … I figured it was just the way the world was everywhere … but it helps us succeed in the arts more then others so it all equals out, ya? :wink:


Still you’ve got the Space Needle, so that counts for something I guess and the landscape is very pretty, if it is anything at all like the environs of Vancouver in Canada.


I prefer Mt. Rainier as our defining landmark … the Space Needle has awful food, is full of tourists and is in the city. lol. The environment where I live is my dream environment though - so I plan on being here my entire life …

I live across the Sound from Seattle so, it is different then living in King County, where the city itself is.


@idonotlikeusernames [quote=“Lizzy, post:353, topic:20488, full:true”]
They are from Washington state, not the UK, it rains a lot there

This! :grinning:

@Eiwynn The Space Needle is like… okay! I agree, though, Rainier is the tits. And there’s nothing wrong with the city, you silly tree person! :wink: I’m about to move to Seattle proper for the first time, so I’m feeling a little protective now.


You brave girl! It is such an adventure you are going on… which district are you looking to settle in? As with most Sounders, I love-hate the city … its just the way we are raised here… lol :hugging:

It is so cool your moving to the city.


Not to be a mini-mod, but I’m a bit bemused at how we managed to move from cool-ass beasts with no social skills to the Seattle Space Needle. :slight_smile: