The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


Maybe it's a snow Wookie? whatever that is.


You mean a wampa? God forbid... screw family and the sorcerer, I'd get the hell outta dodge! xD


Really enjoyed and I can't wait for the next part. I really want to see what happens.


I think I will hug the situation out, if it doesn't work and he tries to kill me, well...
it shan't end well for the beast.


Well, in that case, I think I’d like to jump in on that band wagon. I hope this helps. I really do. You’ve peaked my interest, and I’d really love to see where this story goes.

[details=Rose]Rose is a kind, nurturing, and mature young seamstress. She’s so kind you could call it a fault. Even after a long, tiring day at work her first thought is her father’s health and her younger sister’s feelings; even if her stomach is growling. After her family lost everything, she took to it rather well; becoming the family matriarch and acting more as a mother than an older sister.
She loves her family. She loves them more than anything. She would do anything for them. Her father always made sure she was loved when she was growing up. Showered with gifts that he thought she would like, introduced to interesting people; she could do nothing short of adore her father. With him being less than reliable, a fault she never admitted aloud as she knew he was always trying for the family’s sake, she found it necessary to show extra care for and attention to her sisters. Since she felt they needed her to be level headed, she tends not to dwell on the past. It wasn’t going to change anything; it would just waste time she could spend working.

Before her father left, she asked for nothing. She wanted him to come home safely, and the less gifts he had to find the sooner that could happen. Not outwardly minding that Sina had eaten the last of dinner the night prior, though her stomach protested this, she held her as they were both flung to the floor. Sina always seemed to need a more tender hand than anyone else. Yiana was the one she worried most about, though. It was because of Yiana that she had to be a little more mature about everything, rather than continuing to live a life of saccharine kindness. Before setting off to work, she gently but practically reasoned with Yiana to chop some firewood. Her family would get through this, so help her.

After arriving at work, and sharing some dialogue with her boss, her heart went out to the customers they had to turn away. While it made her heartache, it reminded her that there were others wanting. It helped her to not dwell on her troubles for too long. When the caravan with the owner’s new supplies arrived, she was actually a little oblivious to the headman’s attempts at awing her. His tale was fascinating, though. The owner’s suggestion that she leave with the caravan quickly turned to thoughts of her siblings. What if Sina went? It wouldn’t be the city, but she’d get to live such an interesting life. Surely she’d find her own happiness somewhere? What about Yiana? She might finally learn to be self-sufficient. Or she might run the entire caravan into the ground. But no, not a thought for herself. She declined.

When their father returned, the rose in his hand was the last thing on Rose’s mind. She was thankful that Sina acted so quickly; even if she would have done the same anyway. As he began to blubber about the sensation he felt, and the rustle in the bushes, she immediately thought of the headman’s tale. Maybe he wasn’t just trying to excuse his lateness? How awful. She’d have to be extra kind to him the next time they met; but first her father. When he mentioned a him and began to apologise, she was concerned. What had his poor luck gotten him into? What had made her dear father cry? Was she going to have to prove she would do anything for her family?

Then the Sorcerer entered, flanked by a large creature with a bristling tail and narrow muzzle. Usually, Rose’s first concern would be the horrified Sina, her paling father, or her knife wielding Yina. But today, she was far too fascinated by the majestic beast. It was mesmerising. In fact, she was so entranced that the only thing that snapped her out of this state was the Sorcerer’s words. Death? What terrible luck had befallen her father now? What was it this Sorcerer wanted? The beast’s eyes meeting hers lead to her gazing back. She could see in its eyes that there was more to it than just its intimidating appearance? She questioned its gaze, only receiving more questions as it seemed to bow, apologetically. These questioned fled her as the Sorcerer made a statement, which she answered after a moment of contemplation; she would go with them. The Sorcerer had said it was him or death. She didn’t want that for her family, and truth be told, she wanted to know more about the creature that had chosen her.

Unshakably kind, nurturing, and mature to a certain level. Yes, she seems like a typical, overly perfect heroine. But think about this; everyone has their limits, and every rose has its thorns. That deep well of kindness she presents will one day grow empty if people continue to take. Once someone finally reaches Rose, will they have remembered to clip her thorns? Only time will tell. Though, it is often cautioned that it is the kindest, and quietest that are the most fearsome in the end.[/details]

Hope you don’t mind an overly cliche heroine. But hey, maybe she’ll snap? There are plenty of ways she could, and there are plenty of paths a snapped girl can take. She needn’t be two dimensional. ^^;;


I hope this wip doesn’t die I think it could be a good game.


well, there are those forum ninjas who go about recalling threads that they want to keep alive…


It doesn’t have to be this one but I want to see a finished CYOA version of Beauty and the Beast somewhere. Preferably something where I can mess with different kinds of love and screw with the curse.


I’m still alive… but at what cost?

Haha, but in all seriousness I’m just super busy right now and have been too lazy to code lately.


Millions of innocent oxygen molecules…OH THE HUMANITY


This looks incredibly interesting, and I’m really excited to see more of it!


Honestly, with how few wips make it past the first year of production, I guess we should be grateful that it’s being continued at all. Anything beyond that is just setting way too high of expectations, and really, it would be pretty selfish of us to put that kind of stress on you.


I get to replay Carhalow and this WIP take your time :slight_smile:


We are rooting for you! This is seriously gonna be an amazing game :smiley:


That was really good. Very well written and interesting.


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