The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


I don’t even have minor annoyance for the gender lock since I tend to switch between male and female protags anyway as seems most appropriate for the story I’m playing.

I don’t even mind being a damsel in distress, it gives me an opportunity to play a character I don’t usually: someone who is completely out of craps to give

Dad screwed up our life? Oh well, nobody said life is fair, I guess we’ll just have to get used to this. Oh no dad, it’s alright, you don’t have to get me anything, you’ll probably fail anyway and I don’t want to force you into a promise. Sisters are completely useless? That’s alright, I’ll just do what I can do, they’ll be them no matter what, getting angry is too much effort. Boss’ daughter hates me? Shame, but she doesn’t write my checks. Mayor is making moves on me? Well, that makes me a bit uncomfortable, but he’s actually being rather gentlemanly by medieval standards towards women, and I wouldn’t mind being a mayor’s wife. It turns out dad messed up again? That’s okay dad, I’m not disappointed, this is pretty much what I expected to happen. Would have preferred if you just did nothing at all instead of selling me to a sorcerer, seeing as I’ll probably be marrying the mayor soon or at least become his mistress and getting some extra cash coming our way, but I guess I can’t complain since there’s nothing I can do. I’ll just see where this goes.


Well my mc actually liked her new life more than her old one and was proud to be the main breadwinner for the family now, made her feel accomplished and more than just a piece of meat to be married off. And now the stupid Beast has taken all of that away…and for a silly rose too. I mean she’d have found a way to pay for it somehow that didn’t involve being kidnapped and leaving her family to starve. :unamused:


The dad really is kind of a moron. "My business gambles made my family destitute. I know, I’ll solve this by making a business gamble!"
Should have gone through the hard work. Eventually we would have been able to get by

And if you’re going to sell anyone, best not to sell the only daughter who is contributing. As a businessman, he should have known that


Very much true, I will add to that, as a father don’t sell your only daughter who likes her new life, hard though it may be, better than the old manor/castle lifestyle.


To be fair to him, he didn’t seem to be the one making choices. In that case.


Maybe, but like I’ve said before both her sisters would probably like being noblewomen, princesses or even queens, my mc not so much, in fact she’d hate it. She rather likes being a rough and tumble hunter and would hate having to become a dainty girl (again). :unamused:
My mc’s only wish is to more or less continue her current life, just with a bit more income, but not so much as to actually become rich again as she very much isn’t a girly girl and doesn’t want to get married.


I like to imagine there’s some demon lord trying to ruin our family and is getting increasingly frustrated at how cool with everything our mc is

Demon Lord: Look! Your sister is being useless again! How do you feel? :smiling_imp:
MC: shrug She can do her, I guess.
Demon Lord: :angry: Hey, MC, your boss is hitting on you! How does that make you feel?
MC: Well, I guess I can count on that raise. :rolling_eyes:
Demon Lord: :rage: How about I give you to a monster then! Will that make you be sad?!
MC: :unamused: I mean, it’s not a preference, but I guess I can just get used to it…
Demon Lord: Oh go away! :sob: Why can’t you be sad like the others…


There was at least one retelling where the father planned to offer himself after all the mistakes he made… but first tell the family and sleep off their trip.

It would be interesting to see the curse get warped or cracked in some way instead of only having just two states (cured and not cured).


Haha, my mc is not only not sad, she’s actually happier than she was before, particularly with the no prospects of marriage and finally being allowed to do things herself, of course the demon has a short term victory with my mc as she hates being kidnapped by the Beast, but she’s planning to escape very soon.


Unfortunately, this description fits many dads and step-dads. Also, not to be unfair it applies to moms and step-moms too.

Seen it too many times. Sigh.


Eh, I guess I’m a bit biased.
My dad is one of the smartest people I know, so I tend to have high expectations


Awww I felt bad for father, I mean he really is trying and seems loving, I’d be thrilled if my father was that wonderful :disappointed: I just hope the family out of poverty, perhaps after I break Rosha’s curse and marry her :heart_eyes:


Where is your mc’s pride and independent spirit? My mc would love to lift her family out of poverty (though not quite into luxury) again, but she wants to do so through her own actions, becoming some de-cursed nobleman’s wife is not quite what she had in mind, besides she has to break out of there asap to make sure her family doesn’t starve without her and no she won’t accept any charity from the Beast. :unamused:


Pffft you sound like my bestie, she’s always giving me crap for wanting love and marriage more than anything else :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, pride is just way too much effort to maintain, and breaking out seems like it would cause a lot of unpleasantness for everyone. Better to just go the way the wind is blowing. Being a hostage isn’t that bad really; we got food, a roof, and a fire. It’d be nice if the family could move in or if we could go out every now and then, but I guess I can do without. I’m not needy.

Society needs every kind of person. You do you.


Eh, my mc doesn’t care too much about unpleasantness for her kidnappers and if the family is now starving without her then things for them are already about as unpleasant as they can get.

Speak for yourself, my mc will absolutely hate being a hostage, particularly if she knows that her family is starving without her.
Besides, crappy though it was she liked being able to live her life on her own terms, which this is, again, kind of the opposite of. If the Beast is expecting her to obsess about dreadful gowns or go and do needlepoint work, he’s sorely mistaken.

Screw that my mc wants to be able to come and go as she pleases, though right now that mostly means go of course, but what did they expect after kidnapping her?


Y’know, I think you’re just being needy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Nobody likes a complainer. I’m sure that given time, we’ll get used to the limited freedoms.


Big thing we view differently, I went willingly with them so I don’t see myself as a captive


Whereas I chose the hilarious “we try to run” scene, so my mc does see herself as a prisoner.


My mc figured “Well, I guess he’s a sorcerer so there’s not much I can do. Might as well go along. Who knows, he might have indoor heating, though I won’t complain if he doesn’t. I’ll get used to wherever we go.”