The Archive (demo, update 15/7/21)

Yeah, I’ll probably do just that :thinking: besides, I don’t think I’d be able to do what I want properly with just the dialogue part lol

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Oh, and by the way. If your problems is that you are stuck in a loop DO NOT restart the game from the ‘restart button’ do it as it says and go to ‘Show Stats’.

I tried restarting the book itself in the status and when it didn’t work I even chose the first story this time over the second one but I was stuck in the error again.

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I see :thinking:

Try it like this.

If you are still inside of the book, this time just ‘return to the librarian’. And if your stats button says ‘return to game’ then press it and again again until you see the ‘GAME SETTING’ page. From there, return to the librarian and when you’ll see this:

It’ll mean you’re out of the loop.

I know this game might be confusing and repetitive, but the error page is not an actual error page, it you click the next button a few more time it should automatically try to make you restart the game, but there’s an bug that might throw you into a loop. The solution that I gave you will unstuck you and let you go on with the game.

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So I did what you suggested, but I got the same error this time whenever I opened the stats, so I just ignored it and pressed some more, in and out of game setup and stats. Afterwards I played normally through the librarian until I actually had to chose which “book” I would like to read, but I was stuck by the error again just before that. :sweat:

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I moved this somewhere else, so not to spam people with this roblem. If this happens to anyone else, I’ll update this post once we find the solution to it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

EDIT: the problem has been solved. The game should run smoothly now


Looks like it’s impossible to use the stats as I want to. The moment you exit (even if its the game redirecting you elsewhere) you return to where you left the game.

I think I’ll have to delete the ‘settings’ altogether.

This is a disaster! :sob:

EDIT: disaster solved! No change has been done, but now there shouldn’t be any stubborn loop in game :laughing:



I’m planning to add all kinds of routes to the game and I’m already done with the shortest one yet. The number of endings in a few factors but for now I have four planned.

I’ll leave the current demo as it is and make a new like for the new version when it is ready.