The Arcanist's Journey Public Beta 49000 words (Book 1)

Ooh I didn’t even think of that. Seems like a good point, thank you!

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Will there be a cheat mode

:sweat_smile: Uh, what is a cheat mode? xD

Sorry I’m not the most up to date with all these things.

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@CDaumen it means letting ppl max all stats

As the youngest male of your family, you had no prospects.

Gender locked to Male?


Do we get only basic customisation for MC? Looks like the hair color and style and length is already fixed…

:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: Also the craziness is that I chose the name ‘Erembour’ for my MC and found out the last/surname is fixed and it’s Light. Erembour means shadow rider or rider of darkness.

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Yes, this one’s a gender locked story

Ohhh no there won’t be any of that here

:joy::joy::joy: What are the chances xD

And proper customization and stuff will follow in Book 2/ Act 2. Book 1 is just a warmup I suppose.

I enjoyed the story, particularly how your MC could choose between many different magical paths/schools. But it does feel really short for a completed WIP/HG, so if you plan on an official HG release I hope you either expand it a bit more or release it together with part 2 as one single HG.

I also have to admit I prefer when HGs and WIPs aren’t gender-locked, even when they’re, like this one, are gender-locked to my particular gender. But I’m at least happy that in this particular WIP, unlike in most other gender-locked to male WIPs and HGs, the MC isn’t a warrior and/or military kind of character. Anyway, I would suggest that you in the line beneath the title of this WIP write that it’s gender-locked to male, so that those who don’t want to play/read WIPs and HGs with a gender-locked to male MC get a fair warning that this is a WIP with a MC who is gender-locked to male.


I think you need to make it more clear… And in the stats make sure to add the male near Gender.


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: Erembour is a more feminine name so I used Erebus instead :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: after learning that the MC is male.

The primordial Greek dark region of the underworld and the personification of darkness and the son of the great void Chaos and husband of NYX.


if ya are related to satan tell him to get his ass over at my place, asshole giving me the silent treatement lol

He’s brooding and hiding somewhere around the outer circles of hell…

He does that a lot, he’s very competitive, so since god gives silent treatment, he too decided so

Natwa thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll get onto all of that immediately.

And I’ve already begun work on book 2 so I’ll post the link to that in this post as a WIP. It’s currently only at like 5000 words though but I’m updating it everyday.

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Dude what did you smoke?

might need codex just to explain general purpose of every stats. i personally need to know what the stats i’m going to get do before committing to one course.
i’m enjoying the story so far

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Interesting, not sure how to do that in choicescript but I’ll figure that out

Tbh I would just put both of these books together and have one longer book with how short these books are

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Duplicate thread, closed by author request - up to date thread is (WIP) The Arcanist's Journey 75000 words