The Angel War, Interest Check & Demo


When a peace council turns into a War Front, you know things went terribly wrong…

You are a high-up Angel, of the tribe (your tribe name), rivals of (rival tribe name). You have loads of control, so are you going to try to finish it ASAP, or continue it for as long as possible. Do you want to decrease or increase your casualties? Are you a dictator? Can you seduce someone into telling you the information, or do you use brute force?

You control the main character, who controls a good majority of the Angels.

Will you win? Will you lose? Will you die? Will you betray your own side?

• Play as male, female, or unidentified; gay, straight, or bisexual.

• Fight directly in the battles or stay in the sidelines, try to reason with the other side, or just kill them all, the choice is yours.

• Have fun romancing, betraying, planning with, plotting against, or even killing other characters!

I have the “prologue” done, but I don’t want to get too involved if:
a) It doesn’t strike much interest
b) I can’t finish it

Update 2/7/16
Main Character Meeting Scene complete!

Update 2/1/16
New demo up, I removed the first chapter to “completely redo” it, I added some more “stat changes” although some things are still WIP, I added an author’s note at the end, and I added a special thanks thing at the very end.

Update 1/26/16

  • Creæta (like create/creation)
  • Retrena (The surname of one of the famous Angels)
  • Necroptica (A Neverland themed name)
  • Ryss Hi (Like rise high)
  • Heavel (Heaven themed)

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Update 1/22/16
Here’s the demo:


It seems like an interesting idea and could be something amazing if you’re up to the task, but will there be an introduction to how this war started? Or maybe how your character is invested in this war and the damage it has done to the place and the people?


Yes, there will be an introduction to how the War started. This idea isn’t fully developed yet, but I was thinking that you (the MC), and the other side could disagree over stuff (trade, boundaries, and other values). The War is what the book is about, and at the end of the war it will defiantly have a lot on the damage it’s caused (you are not allowed to even consider surrender until chapter seven, cuz I’m mean :wink:.) so there will be a lot of damage.
Your character is kind of a driving force behind the war (like a military commander or something.)
I’m sorry if I confused the hell out of anyone, or if my points were unclear. :sob:


No worries its good to ask questions and get detailed answers so that people will know and (hopefully) not ask again


Angels, Tribes,…Angel tribes
It doesn’t really seem to go together…
Usually when you talk about angels they don’t usually have their own separate tribes…usually they are all under control by one powerful force which they are sworn to obey.
Maybe it could be just all of the group of Angels versus rival Demons?
Im feeling that would fit better.

-Just a few thoughts from your friendly forum poster Ryse


hey sounds good cant wait to try it dude


Sounds interesting. Id play it


This sounds really interesting! You got my support! I can help name the tribes it you want!


sound interesting !!!


It’s not tribes exactly, more like groups. Like there’s two different Angel Countries, who have been arguing over stuff for ages. I’m using tribes because I have no idea what to call them.


This sounds really good, but i have one question. Can we become corrupt and then go on a killing spree?


Of course! What’s a game without the option to do that? :smile:


Angels? I like that premise. It certainly sounds promising! Good luck with it :slight_smile:


Interesting idea you should continue it if you can.


Hey on the demo, the last name prompt when you chose enter you own name it says enter your first name, but I want to say good job and its interesting you start with preset stats Im not saying its bad its just unexpected, anyway good job so far and thank you for the demo


Thanks @Kaironos. I kinda felt like I needed to preset some things, and give you a bit of background info on things.


Your welcome and that basically gives us the cast of charaters to talk about and discuss things so the demo is much appreciated :grinning:


I just played the game and when I got off of the elevator it said that there was a 404 error. Either way it still sounds like a great game.


I got the 404 too when I tried to start chapter 1.


hey not bad bad at all