The Aether: Life as a God (WIP)


I completely agree. Even if we only consider non Choice games,etc. Books with very similar atories iften are completely different when you read them, they are uniqie to their author and the way it’s imagined, different for every reader.


I don’t see anything wrong with the basic premise being similar.


Once you start playing I think you’ll struggle to find many similarities beside the plural form of the word god.


Can i be a beta tester too


I;m interested in beta testing, and I would provide feedback.


Hey everyone,

Progress continues and I’m hoping to get the game fleshed out by the end of the month. In the mean time, let me know what you’re most eager to see in the game by filling out the poll below. You can choose 2 categories:

  • Interacting with Your Mortal Race
  • Interactions & Relationships w/ Other Gods
  • Epic God Battles
  • Uncovering the Secrets of the Divine Realm

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very interested in this story

now im wondering is there going to be demons that try to corrupt your worshiper?


Not in the sense you are thinking of. There is no traditional concept of “demons” as you’ll realize through the introduction.


Will the demons be something like a anti manifestation of yourself or a present threat that just always existed?


No yes kindof? They are simply lesser beings. All beings of the Aether have the potential to become gods, but demons, spelled with the generic spell “daemons” in the game, are just beings with very little power. You are a daemon just before the start of the game.


Can’t wait for the update!

BTW if you need beta I’m down. This game is creative and has so much potential.


The idea of being a young god is awesome. There was a book of short stories that had told the story of Tek, the God of Technologial War. He was birthed and he grew up. When he became aware of himself he assumed the form of Mister Spock. He got told by another god called Mentor that humans prefered their gods to look like them. Mentor suggested the form of Superman for Tek.


I would still like to test the game if you have any spots ⠕⠏⠢⠲


Are there still any beta testing spots left for this WIP?