The 2021 Secret Santa Trans Author Bundle

Hi! I’m Lana Rose. Y’all might recognize me from the Infinity Series thread or other threads around the forum. For Christmas last year myself and two dozen other trans authors came together to create a bundle of trans and queer themed Christmas stories.

If you’re interested at all in reading these primarily Christmas themed stories, or you’d like to just support smalltime trans writers, feel free to grab a bundle for $6 here!

No pressure at all, and thank y’all for giving me the time of reading this post.


Any trans guys among the creators or stories with focus on trans men? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not this year. Last year had a handful of transmasc folks’ stories, but this year has been primarily works written by transfemme leaning people. A few people wrote stories with trans men as main characters (which I can point out on request), but ultimately none with them as the primary focus of the story.

I’m pushing for our community to visit and invite authors from community spaces favored by trans men (A result of where our community formed is that most of our community’s authors are trans women or transfemme nonbinary people), so that there are more trans men authors who are included in following bundles, but obviously that would only affect the next year’s bundle.