Testing CoG games on Android

Hey, please is there a way to test choicescripts on Android since I can’t use firefox any longer.

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Why can’t you use firefox on android? In saying that I have no idea if the new server type testing system that had to be implemented last year works on phones. You’ll need to try it and see unless anyone else knows.

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You mean on desktop?

Are you using an old version of choicescript, maybe? Because I just tried to run quicktest and randomtest for my WIP using Firefox (with the latest version of choicescript) and it worked fine.

I mean firefox on Android

I’ve tried it and even tried uploading the files as it told me to but it didn’t work

If that’s the case, a workaround could be use a normal text editor to write, and dashingdons to play through it. Or maybe see if you can get cside to work for mobile?

Thanks, cside is a bit complicated on Android but dashingdon is a good substitute.

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