Temp Val advice?

I’m having trouble with *temp val; I’m starting to see how useful it is, but I still can’t work my head around it. Example:

*temp Q_1 "false"
*temp Q_2 "false"
*temp Q_3 "false"
*temp Q_4 "false"

     *selectable_if ((Q_1 = "true") and (Q_2 = "true") and (Q_3 = "true") and (Q_4 = "true")) #[i]Should I ask about Jordan...?"

I was trying to figure out how people are able to show a specified choice based only after all previous choices were already made.

*temp Q_1 false
*temp Q_2 false
*temp Q_3 false
*temp Q_4 false

     *selectable_if (((Q_1 = true) and (Q_2 = true)) and ((Q_3 = true) and (Q_4 = true))) #[i]Should I ask about Jordan...?"

This should work now, you can only use two conditions simultaneously IIRC


Thank you very much! That worked! Gosh I feel so silly! ty ty!

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