*selectable_if with two or more "or"

Hello wizards of the code, a humble noob has come to seek your wisdom. I apologize in advance if my question is had offended your eyes for being so noob-ish

I’m having trouble understanding how the code should be written with multiple “or”
*temp a true
*temp b true
*temp c false
*temp d true
With two variables it works
Example: *selectable_if ((a) or (b)) #Choice A
Example: *selectable_if ((a) or not ©) #Choice B
But if I add another one, then no.
Example: *selectable_if ((a) or (b) or (d)) #Choice C
Example: *selectable_if ((a) or (b) or not ©) #Choice D
This thing shows.

Any ideas?

not compatible. *selectable_if can only have one argument.

Ah! Well @jasonstevanhill would definitely know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sad to hear, but one the other had, i been breaking my brain for last week over this, so i guess - nice to know i wasn’t just to stupid to figure it out :smiley:

You could do something convoluted like this:

*TEMP ab
*IF (a) and (b)
  *SET ab true

a is true:


Both are true:


At least one is false:

*SELECTABLE_IF not(ab) #Choice C
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That could work - hmm (now i just need to undo all i just deleted in my work…)