Selectable_if options

Is there any way that I can have more than one condition for a single *selectable_if option?

For instance, when using *if statements, you can say:

*if (herp = 1) and (derp = 2)
Then this thing happens.
The thing just doesn’t happen.

But that else statement can be a pain when I’ve got to insert it above a couple hundred lines of code. As you probably know, when I insert that if/else statement, everything below it will need to tab to the right to be in proper syntax alignment. Is there a way I can make a statement like this that works?

*selectable_if (herp = 1) and (derp = 2) # Option

Thanks for the assistance! You guys and girls are fantastic.

Yes, there is, I believe I have that snippet of code somewhere around here… hold on…

Ah yes here we are (well not exactly but close): *selectable_if ((Variable= “Herp”) or (Variable= “Derp”))

(I have to thank AlexCosaraca for that little piece of genius)

In your case all you’d need to is substitute the “or” for + (I believe, best way would be to check out the Choice Script Wiki).

Does *selectable_if ((herp=1) and (derp=2)) work?

Hah! Headhunter got in there first. :slight_smile:

Genius! Thanks so much.