"Teahouse of the Gods"—Harness the energy of qi to save the world!

Have you cultivated a particular branch of qi to specialize in? Playing to your strengths is always a good idea. Strong alliances help, too.

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I have .

Thank you as always. I told a frnd u always answers for my in game questions. He called u a messiah for me .

That’s definitely a step up from “nerd who needs to get out more,” so at the risk of being struck down for blasphemy, I’ll take it. :innocent:


I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one. I’ll go over the things that really stood out to me:

  1. It sort of feels like you’re penalised for not understanding Chinese. I can see what the story was going for with this, and I actually think it’s an interesting idea. I’m not averse to this as a concept at all but it definitely feels like since it’s in modern day, and it’s using out-of-game knowledge, I am really supposed to be roleplaying as if this character is me, the me in the real world. That would be fine except for…

  2. If this is supposed to be me, my actual self, I don’t feel at all like I can roleplay that way. My character has far too much baggage and connection to the plotline for that to work. If I’m playing as myself, I absolutely would not have all of these pre-conceived feelings about Victoria, for a start. As a mountain the only gift I would have given her would have been a spiritual middle finger, she can go curl up around some other mountain.

  3. Yeah, Victoria. I will reiterate some of the other comments that I did not like her at all. It reminded me far too much of one of my big pet peeves in Choice of Games, where there’s a character that’s blatantly beloved by the author and you just have to go along with it.
    I’ve hated that trope since that old superhero choice game where there was a forced romance with a guy who was eating disabled people and your only options were to pick how into him you were from “totally into him” to “madly into him.”
    Victoria gives me those exact same feelings. I want to immediately tell her to get away from me and no, I don’t find her beautiful or charming or mysterious and I have no feelings for her. Also I was a gay mountain, thanks.

  4. I never really felt like my character was becoming immersed in the culture or location or people in a natural way. At times it kind of just feels like all the NPCs I meet are tour guides spouting a list of advertising points at me about how rustic and quaint everything is, and how I should book my holiday in China now and get 10% off and a free buffet lunch. This is mainly an issue right at the start, but it gave me a very odd first impression of this whole setting.


I was initially excited about the concept and the writing, which are both great, but I really wish I’d read this thread over before committing, because I have the same issue with A’Li’s route as it looks like a lot of other people do. Definitely killed all interest for me.


I played the WIP demo before it went into closed beta and was interested for the full release even though the whole A’Li romance might not work out (I’ve hoped otherwise) but after reading some of the spoilers in this thread, yeah, my interest pretty much all but plummeted. Are all the ROs routes have the same treatment? If so, why even include them as ROs and not just as friendship options? Seems like A’Li doesn’t feel the same way romantically towards the MC and the poly option is definitely not for me.

I also agreed that the MC is still shackled by their past/fake selves’ relationships that it was prevalent even in the present and it still affects their current ones (Victoria’s love towards MC, A’Li seeing the past!MC as his mentor, A’Li couldn’t reciporate fake!MC’s affection).


Who is the author of the cover for the game?:eyes: Very beautiful drawn, love the style


Weiwei Xu


Just finished this game once, and I really enjoyed the story. I’ll write my review without spoiling the game too much.

The humour and the jokes are well done, and the characters are well-written. Well, except maybe the “Origin of the Universe”. This minor character is kind of lacking, and despite having more “air-times” than the other minor characters, like Victoria and Ana’s parents who appear only once briefly if you romance Victoria, for example, he doesn’t leave much of an impression other than being a ridiculous “Weeaboo” of human “culture”. (“Hoomaboo”, maybe?)

Now, about romance: I initially wanted to romance Xingtu because of their wild and fun personality. I actually enjoyed having my MC acting wild and be a weirdo around them every weekend going out, until I eventually learned that they are collaborating with the fake mountain spirit to pollute Mt. QingCheng for personal reasons. All good feelings I had towards them evaporated, especially because my MC has decided to be the guardian of the mountain once more.

I ended up romancing Victoria in the end. It helps that I do find her endearing; an immortal consciousness trying to love like a finite mortal. As for A’Li, I do pity him for all the hardships he’s gone through. So I was happy to respect his boundaries and just be a friend.

Anyway, I’m interested in replaying this game and see what other different paths lead to.


Question: how DO I romance Victoria? I truly enjoy this game but am too disheartened to finish it because even tho I establish im attracted to her and interact with her well, I’m somehow always locked out of her path when u get to choose which romance u wanna pursue, and I’ve tried 3 times but I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong and getting frustrated. If anyone has a solution, the less spoilers the better as I haven’t finished the game yet.


Wow. This was a breath of fresh air! Beautiful, funny, and fun.

I would like to echo some sentiments about the romances… I felt icky trying to romance A’Li after learning about the past situation + his attachment to Victoria, and Xingtu straight up abandons my MC despite the romance going seemingly well throughout the story (I know characters mention Xingtu doesn’t know how to “love”) - so in reality, Victoria appears to be the only true RO. I love her, I do, but does anyone know if there’s any way to have a happy romance route with the other two?


I’m pretty sure it’s possible to get engaged to Xingtu in the end.

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How do you romance Victoria? Because I kept getting locked out of her route even though I choose to be interested in her and interact well with her. And it has killed my interest to continue forward. Anyone have any solutions?

@freelance & @MadDF15
That’s odd. Romancing Victoria should be the most effortless romance path for the MC.

Apparently, the author says your MC needs to identify with who they were in their past life aka the Spirit of the Mountain.

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I’d like to know here and now if romancing A’Li isn’t an option, and after reading the comments I’m more confused than before lol
Please please please tell me you can romance A’Li! (Or, put me out of my misery so I can continue this without incorrect assumptions :rofl:)


If I’m not mistaken, the author said the best way to romance A’Li is to be in a polyamorous relationship with both Victoria and him. So, you’ll have to encourage A’Li to confess his attraction to Victoria, then, you’ll have to ask Victoria to give A’Li a chance.

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Thanks for the response! It’s not… ideal; I guess I worry about feeling like an afterthought, but I’ll give anything a crack once and hopefully I’ll come out of this going “wow that relationship made so much sense, I love that I went with the poly relationship!” :rofl:

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So his solo romance route is basically unrequited love?

I view Victoria as a friend rather than more than that so its bummer for me. I’ve been hesitant to get the full book because of my confusion with A’Li’s route.


Yeah. I suppose you could say that. :sweat_smile:

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