Tales of the Dra: Fate (WIP)


The sun is rising over a wide glade, all is calm the only sound is your feet pounding against the grass. You stop and rub your eyes as you look in the direction of the climbing sun. It all feels like a dream now, those fifteen year. A distant memory you can no longer touch.

Now all you can do is run, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough. Because they are catching up to you. Once again you begin to sprint through the open field, your sides’ burn and your head aches from lack of sleep. If only you had paid attention, if only you took notice of how the villagers had treated you that day. Maybe then you would have been safe, maybe…

Tales of the Dra: Fate

Fifteen years you have lived among them. Fifteen years you were happy. But that was
then and now:

Now the Hunters are coming…

You live in a world where those with magic are being murdered. Day and night more
people, magical and non-magical are slaughtered by the “Hunters”. No place seams
safe, your only hope resides in a small village to the north called Catra. Will
you find salvation or destruction? Only time will tell. Perhaps soon, the hunters
will become the hunted.

Become a magical being with the powers of the elements, a great and mighty dragon
that has no care for anyone but itself, or be a mighty warrior whose very voice
can shatter people’s souls. Remember, choose your friends wisely, your fate
lies in their hands. Will you bring peace to the lands of Giia or become the
very tyrant you sought to destroy…

Author info + Backstory

Greetings, my name is LadyKuonji (Aka Mae).
This is my first Choice of Games story I have ever written, so as expected with first attempts there will be some bumps in the road. I shall also be working on this mainly in November (thanks to NaNoWriMo) so expect slow updates until then.

At the moment the you can play as:

  1. A human, Mage, Warrior or Scholar
  2. Half Dragon (5 playable half-dragon races)

I have plans for one of the dragon races being gender fluid, it will take me some time to write out the story line for this race but I am hoping by the time I post my second or third update I will have this race flushed out. However, by any chance as you reading the story and you notice my pronouns are wrong feel free to tell me and I will fix them right away.

Demo goes here


Wow! I’m super excited for this game just by reading three paragraphs. Any idea when a demo will be up?


This seems interesting can’t wait for the demo


I’m super pumped for this as well, this seems like it would be a really great story. I will be waiting for the demo to come out :slight_smile:


This seems to be a very interesting concept, and so does the half dragon bit. RETURN OF THE DRAGON AGE!


Cool game idea :smiley: I have a question though when you say “one of the dragon races being gender fluid” does that mean there is more then one half dragon race to pick or that if you play as te half dragon your character is gender fluid?


Great idea, can’t wait to try the demo :smile:


Sounds good, Can’t wait for the demo


“Or be a mighty warrior who’s very voice can shatter people’s souls”

Give me an arrow to the knee reference and we’re all set.


I use to take arrows to the knee like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee…


I used to say I took an arrow to the knee like you but then I took an arrow to the knee.


Yes… .Give me a dragon game.

Give me a dragon game!


Wooo! Go dragons! I know who I’m playing as.


A dragon Mage warrior. The ultimate OP in gaming since Superman.


That sounds like an interesting idea. Like how “A wise use of time” placed a “Highlander” Easter Egg in its story. Perhaps I will throw in a few myself. Thank you for the idea!


There will be about five playable half-dragon races. One of the half-dragon races whose name translates to ‘shadow’ or ‘dark form’ will be the gender fluid race. Please note that I will not lock off the choice to play as a gender fluid/transgender/genderqueer person. However, I am not going to make it “choose this and you shall be called that”. In the world that is being created any of the gender types I mentioned before is not considered common. I am writing it so that the NPCs your character meets for the first time will call you by your given sex, and due to previous conversations you will see your character reacting according to what gender you selected.

Ex) Transgender Man

“The man stared down at you sending shivers down your spine. A slow grin appeared on his face.
'It isn’t every day I see a woman wearing pants. Have to say leaves nothing to the imagination.'
Gritting your teeth you square your shoulders and return the very stare he had offered you.
'That’s because I am a man and I would appreciate it if you called me as such.'
The man scrunched up his nose for a moment before scoffing. He turned around and began walking back towards the back of the bar.”

The paragraph above isn’t actually in the story but it gives the basic idea of what I want to do. I am not sure how it will turn out but I am hoping anyone reading the story will like this feature. However, I am worried I might have to scrap this in the end…


What kind of magic we can use? And we can become a tyrant? Just how powerful we can become in this world?

  1. Every magic user has an affinity for one type of element (ex. water half-dragons are better at water). However, that doesn’t mean that your character cannot learn the other elements. There is also mental/illusion (going to change the name of this), and then there is “shadow binding” which is like summoning demons and the like. I am still working on the magic mechanics of the story, however but the time I have the first demo up I should have a basic magic - in to - power out mechanic.

  2. Yes I have that written in. However you have to work for your tyranny, you are a powerless (well except for your magic, if you choose that path of course) nobody in the beginning.

  3. You can be powerful (if you go down the magic path you can have the ability to flatten a entire town, though that will take up all of your energy), but remember you are only as strong as the relationships you build. You could be the most powerful being in the universe but you are still mortal and that means all it takes is a well placed arrow or sword strike to end you. Having good relationships with those around you will help you in your times of need.


And i will have the occasion to destroy an entire town? :grinning:


I don’t want to make any promises… however, I will consider it.