Tale of Two Cranes—Reach your magical destiny and tangle with your rival in mythic ancient China!

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Can you please tell me how to accomplish this? Somehow I can’t seem to get it. What skills do you need? What is the prerequisite?

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@Kate_T This is a general rundown but if you’re having a hard time with any specific spot let me know. To get that ending you’ll need to:

  • Join Chan Ming’s side in Chapter 6 and either be his romance (without having broken up) or have his relationship over 70
  • Survive Liu Fei’s assassination attempt, the burning palace, Zhang Bohai’s and Fang Lan’s ambush, and the Other Crane’s assassination attempt. It helps if you don’t focus on the politics of Chapter 5 and instead train.
  • High Meditation is crucial to this ending but to get to that point you’ll need at least 1 combat stat mastered to get you to the end. Personality stat tests are at 65 or higher. And having at least 1 high faction goodwill will help.
  • In Liu Fei’s assassination attempt you can lose your allies (Gao Jia and her leopard familiar.) Keeping your allies alive makes the later fights/obstacles easier. If the familiar is alive she’ll guide you out of the burning palace without testing any of your stats.
  • If you kill Zhang Bohai and/or Fang Lan it hurts your relationship with Chan Ming and can turn him against you.
  • And at the end when the Other Crane is banished to the void you need to save Chan Ming from that same fate. That specific choice is: #What would happen if he dies in this place between souls? Would living here drive him to madness and despair? I can’t do that to him.

Thank you so much for your help. Liu Fei kept killing my max meditation squishy sage so I couldn’t progress. I guess I will have to restart and not engage in politics this time around. Should not have relied on Chan Ming to do all the fighting dang it.

Can I also ask how to get ‘Crane of Destiny’ achievement (Love and be loved by Chan Ming)? I played in steam and saved him (not joining him) but didn’t get this achievement so I’m not sure if this is only exclusive to joining him route.

I also can’t seem to marry Chan Ming. Is there prerequisite for that to happen or it doesn’t happen at all? I’ve gotten his relation into the 80s by the time we’re supposed to choose the heir but no marriage happen.

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I tried google and went code diving. After time ran out on doing heir tasks (the last thing I did before time ran out was getting more wealth), the conversation turned back to my training and land upgrade. But when I look at the code I found the following:

I see that the code after page break is ‘goto_loop_mp’ and there’s no ‘goto_other_marry’ before ‘label_other_marry’. I’m not an expert so I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen, but could this be why I could not trigger marriage conversation?

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@witchygal_2703 Right now the game is bugged so you can’t commit to a relationship with anyone. I accidently swapped a variable when I was fixing an infinite romance loop on the last update :sweat_smile:. I submitted a corrected version to COG today so hopefully it’ll get pushed through early next week.


Thank you so much! I was worried I did something wrong :smiley: Happy to hear back from you and thank you for fixing it. Hope they update the fixed version soon!